Oral hygiene routine for adults

The best oral hygiene advice the Three Rivers Dental offices in Richland WA can give adults is to brush and floss twice a day. Flossing removes tiny food particles lodged between teeth after brushing. Tooth decay and gum disease are primarily caused by mouth debris stuck between teeth.

In addition, brushing and flossing in the morning and before bedtime helps eliminate bad breath and dry mouth. Tooth erosion is exacerbated by having insufficient saliva necessary for protecting tooth enamel. Saliva contains calcium, a substance important to tooth remineralization.

Check Ingredients in Toothpaste

Avoid toothpastes containing sodium lauryl sulfate. SLS is a foaming agent found in most over the counter toothpastes as well as shampoos, laundry detergents and even carpet cleaner! Research has shown that as little as a 0.5 percent of SLS concentration will produce tissue sloughing and corrosion in the mouth. This excess mouth debris caused by using SLS-containing toothpastes provides more food for bad breath bacteria and does nothing to support oral health.

Clean Your Tongue

Scrape or brush your tongue in the morning after bacteria have had a chance to accumulate on the tongue’s surface. That fuzzy, whitish coating you see on your tongue in the morning is composed of oral bacteria rapidly consuming food particles, dead cells and mucus. “Morning breath” is bacteria excreting smelly gases called volatile organic compounds.

Drink Plenty of Water

Keeping your mouth hydrated throughout the day helps avoid dry mouth while removing mouth debris (and the bacteria consuming it) stuck in your throat. Eat crunchy vegetables like celery, carrots and apples to improve saliva flow and prevent dental erosion.

One last thing–don’t smoke! The staff at the dental offices in Richland WA genuinely care about your teeth and gums and wants everyone to know about how smoking can negatively impact oral health. Call today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about good oral hygiene for adults.