Havening Technique Makes a Better Life Through Neuroscience

HT or havening technique is a revolutionary way to heal disturbances emotionally, optimize performance and empower the quest. You might think how is it possible, but people who learned to use Havening knows that the amazing ability of it.

So, why is Havening New and Revolutionary?

The traditional method of treating physical and emotional disturbances is through talks (therapy) or chemicals (drugs).

When a therapist talks to you, the audio goes in your brain, and those words treat emotions. But it is difficult for many to talk due to the anger or guilt. Using talks one can reframe thoughts such that it is no longer distresses and the problems get diminished.

Drugs enter the brain via circulatory system after they are absorbed in the stomach or pushed in veins. The drugs then alter the landscape of neurochemical through which information is processed, and not dealing with the problems directly. So, drugs only mask the underlying problem.

So, what is the best way to enter the brain and mind?

Havening touch. Havening touch is one of the components of the Havening Techniques, and the other two components it includes are a distraction and emotional activation. The technique in the Havening Technique is a psychosensory method. Psychosensory is the process in which a havening therapist applies non-specific sensory input that can alter your brain and mind. As havening is the method that doesn’t need to enter your body through audio or circulation system, it is a new method and revolutionary one. Special waves in the brain get created when HT enters inside the brain known as Delta wave.

Again, havening is revolutionary because it deals with the mind that is subconscious, where anger, fear, guilt, etc. like emotions are stored. The encoded emotions cause disease, poor performance, helplessness, etc. Whereas talks deal with them by accessing the thoughts, and drugs actually do not deal with the problem at all.