Can an ophthalmologist perform surgery?

An ophthalmologist is a specialized eye doctor that focuses on the function and structure of the eye. Diseases of the eye and their treatment are within the scope of an ophthalmologist. Due to the importance of the eye and its complex structure, evidence of the practice of ophthalmology has been found as early as 800 BCE.

Role of an Ophthalmologist

The focus of an ophthalmologist is primarily on detecting and correcting imperfections and conditions that could cause diminished vision or its complete loss. By thoroughly assessing the condition of their patient’s eye, an ophthalmologist can diagnose any conditions that exist and develop a treatment plan designed to preserve its sight. Continued evaluation to determine if the condition has improved is often necessary.

Can an Ophthalmologist Perform Surgeries?

Another role an ophthalmologist fills is that of a skilled surgeon. An ophthalmologist can perform a range of eye surgeries including:

  • repair of a retinal detachment
  • cornea reshaping
  • lens replacement
  • glaucoma treatment
  • cataract extraction
  • transplants

Cutting-edge surgical tools such as those that are computerized as well as lasers are often used to aid the ophthalmologist during surgery. However, most eye surgeries performed by an ophthalmologist are completed primarily by hand.

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