Hair Loss

Repair Hair Transplant Procedure

Choosing the hair restoration procedure to get over the problem of hair loss permanently itself a scientific as well as the aesthetic task that anyone can opt if experiencing the issue. The surgery of hair transplant in Delhi gives you the natural result of implanting the graft in a more natural fashion. The surgeon who performs the procedure must have outstanding surgical expertise adhere to the aesthetic knowledge of the surgery assure about the original effect. As much as the clinic establishment increased as the procedural record says about the authenticity of the procedure. There are a number of clinics run in India provides the plastic & cosmetic surgery facilities. One can get it done by choosing the reputed one to receive the procedure. This is a difficult task in the surgery to get the best placement of the graft is because of the aesthetic concern. Only the experts are allowed to manage the same that is responsible for offering the best natural effect of the procedure. The implantation of the graft is difficult to master when it is performed to cover the hairline or the crown areas as it requires a different type of grafts in order to cover the different location of the scalp.

What is a Repair Patient?

The repair hair transplant patient is one who receives the cosmetic deficit of the hair restoration surgery instead of a cosmetic benefit outcome. The repairs cases arise when one gets a failure with the previous hair transplant surgery and extremely needs the second hair transplant session get it done. Primarily, the procedure is received to get the natural result, but if the surgery goes wrong due to the wrong angle and direction of the hair roots’ placement, the patient needs the other session known as the repairing hair transplant cases.

How a hair Transplant Surgery becomes the Repair Case is described below:

  1. The Wrong Angle & Direction:

The angle and direction for the root placement in the procedure have a main concern for the surgeon. The hair transplant surgeon must have a great sense towards offering the aesthetic touch of the procedure. This is the implantation that offers the natural result and a surgeon must have knowledge of placing the grafts in such a manner that they offer the undetectable hair transplant result. If a person receives a detectable hair transplant result with a very artificial hairline, it needs the correct session to improve the cosmetic benefits of the procedure.

  1. Faulty Slit formation:

The slit creation in the procedure is itself an aesthetic task needs the same precision and perfection as the process of implantation requires! However, the slit formation job in the procedure allows the aesthetic outcomes and thus, considered most while performing the surgery. If the goal of implanting in terms of the right angle and direction of natural hair roots goes wrong extremely asks for the repair hair transplant surgery.  Therefore, both the tasks of the implantation as well as the slit creation share the aesthetic job with the surgery.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant gives the natural result if performed by the expert surgeon. The case of repair mainly arises due to the wrong placement or the wrong selection of graft that could give you the devastating result. However, it is recommended to choose the best surgeon after analysing and researching the thing with respect to the credibility, results, and the reputation of the hair transplant surgeon.