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Top 5 Trendy Men’s Hairstyles to Look Out for in 2019

The variety in men’s hairstyles going into 2019 is as big as it’s been over the past several years. With new cuts arriving on the scene every year, finding a trendy style is just a matter of picking what suits you. Here are five stylish haircuts to keep an eye on.

The Fade with Pompadour

This cut begins with a fade, where the hair gradually shortens in length from the top of the head to the bottom. The pompadour fade has bold and dramatic volume. This look is accomplished by leaving two or three inches of hair on top. To style a pompadour, distribute hair product throughout the front and back of your hair, then brush up and back with a comb, gently blow drying.

The Bob

The ‘90s retro looks have come back in style, and the trend hasn’t stopped. Men are embracing the long or mid-length hair of the era. The bob is a layered, longer cut that falls to the jawline. The length is kept full in the front, while in the back the hair is layered. This haircut may work best with thicker hair that has some natural wave, but can also be achieved by adding product.

The Angular Fringe

The angular fringe hairstyle can be accomplished with a fade or undercut. The undercut style has short sides, which then transition into a contrasting, voluminous top. The undercut creates a more noticeable transition in hair length than a fade cut. To achieve the angular fringe, the hair on the sides is tapered but the top layer is kept long and cut at an angle. The hair on top can be styled from wild to slick.

The Modern Curtains

Not to be outdone by the ‘90s bob, the curtain haircut of the 90’s is also in style. This versatile cut keeps the front long, with a loose part and some volume. The sides and back should be cut shorter, and can be combined with an undercut. Product should be used to create an effect where the hair is swept away from the face and falls lightly to the sides.

The Loose Quiff

This style is an update to the traditional quiff cut, in which the hair, especially the forelock, is swept upwards and back. The hair can be messy or straight, and the cut is less glossy and precise than a pompadour. The modern loose quiff is textured on top, with some weight removed to achieve the loose look.