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“India- Best Destination for Hair Transplant”

Medical Tourism in India-India is a place frequently visited by many foreigners for all kinds of medical treatments.  They club tourism with treatment that helps them learn new things along with getting rid of their ailments that trouble them for a long time. Till recently, the term medical tourism was defined as patients from less developed countries travelling to developed countries for sophisticated treatment for certain kinds of treatment unavailable in their home country. Of late, there has been a vast change in the meaning of this word. Now, it means people from more developed country travelling to the third world countries for treatment.

The main reason why they come to India is the quality of treatment and the affordability of the treatment cost. It is a fact that there are good quality treatments available in the UK, US and other most advanced countries. But, the cost is several times more than the cost they have to bear in our country. If India is providing high-quality treatments at a low cost, why should they travel to these countries? These foreigners come to India for dental and fertility problems.

Cost Comparison Between India and other Developed Countries-The cheap treatment for hair problems and the high possibility of hair growth after transplant make India better than any place for a hair treatment. The modern FUE treatment is highly effective than any other methods of transplantation and in fact, the high-quality hair restoration treatment given by the best surgeons in metropolitan cities allures a lot of foreigners who are in search of doctors to treat alopecia. You would be flabbergasted to know that the cost of a hair treatment in India is just 650 dollars compared to 5000 or 6000 dollars in the US. What an economical way of getting high-quality medical care. Isn’t it?

Hair Transplant in Metros in India-If you have chosen these cities in India for hair transplant treatment, then you are correct. Although, there are many good places to travel, like Bangalore, Ludhiana, Delhi, Mumbai and even Chennai for hair transplant. Hair transplant is reasonable in each and every city of India but Hair transplant in Ludhiana is much affordable as compared to other metros in India so people prefer it. Hair Transplant in Ludhiana is good and worth as the doctors in Ludhiana are very well qualified and experienced and the Hair Transplant Cost in Ludhiana is lower than other cities but the quality is still maintained and they provide the best at the cheaper cost.

 What is hair transplant-It is a medical procedure by which the surgeon removes some strands of hair from the donor site and transplant it to the areas which don’t have hairs or have fewer hairs. After a few months, the part that received hairs starts to grow new hairs naturally. It is one of the best treatments available for male pattern baldness, till date. This will help you look attractive and younger by nature. The doctors will take 4-5 hair follicles and place it on the balding parts of your head. After a few months the grafted hairs fall off and those places start growing healthy hairs which is a permanent solution for this kind of hair problem.

There are different kinds of hair transplant treatments and these are FUE, FUT, PRP treatment, Robotic FUE treatment, and Mesotherapy.

  1. FUE treatment: Follicular unit extraction treatment involves the surgical extraction of several strands of hair from the parts that don’t become bald and have healthy hairs and fitting in parts that lack hairs. The extraction is done with the help of a small circular shaped instrument. This may require the patient to come back for a treatment for another couple of days to completely extract the hairs and replace it on the hairless areas. Once the harvesting and re-harvesting process is over, the glabrous areas start growing healthy and rejuvenated hairs like before. But, we should not forget that the success rate of this kind of a treatment is very less with transplanted hairs falling off immediately after the surgery.

FUT: Follicular unit Transplant is a method that involves removing a strip of tissues instead of strands of hair to transplant it to several areas. One of the worst criticism of this kind of treatment is that the large scar it leaves after the treatment. If you are planning to have a huge volume of hair, it is absolutely perfect. Instead, if you are planning to have a shorter hair style, the scars will be evident. Comparing this treatment with FUE, FUT gives you better results.

  1. Platelet Rich Plasma: This is one of the hair treatments to restore your natural looking hair. Unlike the other two methods, this one is a non-surgical method. Our blood has natural proteins and essential nutrients for hair growth. These are present in platelet rich plasma. Leaving behind the red blood cells and platelet poor plasma, the platelet-rich plasma is extracted from your own blood to be injected into the affected areas. This nutrient present in the blood will help those bare areas to have hair growth.
  2. Robotic Hair transplant: This is the same medical procedure like FUE with one difference that it is not performed by a surgeon, instead, by a robot. When the follicular unit extraction is performed by a robot it is much better because it extracts strands of hair from the exact location which is naturally resistant to balding.
  3. Mesotherapy: This is another type of treatment wherein the liquid that contains nutrients essential for hair growth is injected in a layer that is just above the epidemics. Talking about the side effects, this procedure is not known to have any serious after effects since the fluid have nutrients in it.

In short,  India has become a hub for medical tourism during the recent times. Our country has a lot of hair surgeons who give effective and better treatments than sugeons in highly developed countries across the globe. Once the foreigner chooses the destination, he has to grab his phone and call the clinic he wants to get treated to book an advanced appointment. This will help him to get rid of the alopecia problem and at the same time, he can tour the good places in India. As I mentioned above That Ludhiana is very much cost effective as compared to other cities India so visit India, visit Ludhiana. To know more on Hair Transplant Cost in Ludhiana Click Here.

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