Cost of using Steroids in India

Steroids are polycyclic chemical compound that is often used by the athletes and body builders to gain advantage in the field. The use of anabolic steroids is banned in most of the countries as they are illegal. The intake of these steroids can be done orally or through injection which could produce testosterone.

Anabolic steroid is mainly used to increase muscle mass and in sports performance as it is allowed to intake only after the prescription of a medical practitioner.

Types of steroids

The human body has two different types of steroids such as corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. The adrenal gland that is found above the kidney produces corticosteroids; these hormones also produce aldosterone which regulates the sodium in our body. The anabolic steroids are prescribed only if some hormone is not generated properly. The androgenic steroids are considered illegal as they can improve the appearance and athletic performance. Using this steroid can increase the mass of the body due to the increase in the muscle mass.

Price of steroids

In countries like United States it is illegal to use steroids without the prescription of the doctor. In such countries the cost of steroids will be high while comparing the steroid prices in India. The law of India government is not that hard when compared to United States. When it comes to the use of steroid the law of the government will provide some latitude.

As the law is lenient it will not affect people and become easier for the athletic players to get the steroids in India. Many people around the world started realizing it is easier to buy steroids in India.

Price of Anabolic steroids in India

Since the cost of buying steroids in India is cheap when compared to other countries. When a country imposes restrictions to sell steroids then the company has to ensure with their regulations. In a country like India with fewer restrictions it is possible to sell steroids.  The price of Reforvit –B is 133 rupees per tablet which is low cost when compared to other countries.

The price of androlic in India will be likely around 4000 rupees which could be high in other countries like United States. It is impossible to find the price of some common drugs when unless we ask the local pharmacy dealers.

Purchasing steroids in India

Like buying other commodities the steroids can also be purchased in India, as there are number of options for purchasing steroids. The pharmaceutical companies in India supplies steroids and these companies accepts all type of cash. As these steroids can be used by the athletes and the body builders some Indian companies comes with an options to buy these drugs online. The additional feature about this online marketing is that these drugs are available to the customers through cash on delivery feature. This feature is a convenient alternative for people who use steroids.

While considering steroid prices in India other countries have high cost and some restrictions for using these drugs. So before ordering steroids from India it is important to note whether it is legal to be used in the country.