Hair Loss

Hair Loss: Emotions and Feelings

For many people who suffer from hair loss, it can result in a number of emotional and psychological issues associated with how we see ourselves, and how we think we believe other people see us.

Many people who experience progressive hair loss can accept it, but for others, suffering from hair loss can have an overwhelming impact which often results in anxiety and depression.

It is vital that we understand that the emotional distress that happens with losing one’s hair is valid and should be addressed and never be pushed aside. To have a better understanding of just how hair loss affects its sufferers, continue reading below:

Losing confidence in one’s appearance

Hair loss definitely changes the way a person looks— for example; losing hair around the hairline results in an older appearance. This greatly changes the way individuals see themselves and often contributes to loss of confidence.

Women, specifically, seem to have a harder time adjusting to losing their hair than men. A study from 1992 showed that women suffered more mentally and emotionally than men did, and were more likely to form a poor body image due to hair loss. Whereas, nearly 75% of males experience less confidence about themselves in the beginning stage of hair loss.

Lack of self-esteem

When it comes to relationships, hair loss can have a psychological effect on how we see ourselves, and how we assume, others see us; especially for younger people suffering from early hair loss. Some individuals feel that hair loss represents the end of their desirability and youthfulness, while others feel like they have become less attractive to their partners.

Our hair can affect the way we appear and how we conduct ourselves in a work environment. For example, hair loss can have a serious effect on someone who is in the public eye or an employee who works in front of a camera. Studies have shown that some business owners often avoid hiring individuals who are balding because they look older and thus are detrimental to their company.

Depression and distress

Surveys and research show that individuals with hair loss often feel like they are losing control over their lives. The fear that their hair loss is permanent leaves them with extreme levels of anxiety. Also, people who have pre-existing disorders like body dysmorphia or obsessive-compulsive disorders are further bothered by hair loss.

Luckily, with today’s advancements in hair loss treatment, hair loss can be addressed. Hair loss medication is available but does require continuous use, and they do have side effects like most pharmaceuticals.  Some hair regrowth treatments can thicken thinning hair and prevent further loss with just one treatment.

A surgical hair transplantation procedure is another option and is often considered for people with severe hair loss, and continued hair thinning following a hair transplant procedure can be treated with continuous hair regrowth treatment.

There are safe and effective non-surgical and surgical hair restoration treatments available at hair transplant clinic – Medici Capelli Brisbane that can help restore your confidence in yourself and your hair.