Hair Loss

Get Oriented With the Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss right now, you must be really stressed already. Hair loss is such a daunting experience especially that it is not easy to resolve. Yes, there are so many products will alluring promises about hair growth but then again, most of the time, they are just purely exaggerated marketing.

As they say, you have to know your enemy to prevent bad things from happening. This can be the same case with hair loss. You must first know what causes the hair loss so that you can find preventative means or you can find the right solution.

These are the most common causes of hair loss:

  • Lack of protein – once your body will experience protein deficiency, it might still try to do its function and shut down hair growth so that it can use the remaining protein to its other parts.
  • Heredity – this is the female version of the hair pattern baldness. If you are in a family where your relatives or parents experienced hair loss at an early age, then there is a good chance you might experience the same thing. Though women will not experience receding hairline, but they will surely notice the thinning of their hair.
  • Female hormones – yes, when your body is going through a dramatic change like when you are pregnant or you are changing contraceptives, hair loss can occur. This is what they call telogen effluvium. Another change that might generate the same effect is when you are on the verge of menopause.
  • Emotional stress – though physical stress will most likely generate hair loss, still emotional stress can also cause such occurrence. Like for example if you are experiencing a tremendous loss such as when you are going through a rough divorce or someone in the family dies and so on. Most of the time though, emotional stress will not initiate the hair loss but instead, it will augment the problem that is already starting.
  • Anemia or iron deficiency – lack of iron can also cause hair loss. This problem though is not that severe as this can be resolved immediately.

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