Signs that You Need Drug Rehab in Ontario

Addiction to drugs is usually classified as a disease.  The simple reason for this is that you do not have the ability to beat the disease on your own.  Drug addiction, in common with any type of addiction, is a complex affair.  Every time you take a drug, whether prescription or an illegal substance, you are adjusting the natural chemistry of your body.  Drugs can affect the way that your brain chemistry works, switching on parts of your brain and switching off other bits.  The result is an addiction which must be treated like a disease.  You need to address the chemical changes in the brain to assist the body in repelling the addiction.  Without doing this you will simply be a drug addict in remission.  One tiny slip could be enough to restart the addiction and put you back in drug rehab in Ontario.

There are many signs which suggest you or someone you love has a drug addiction and needs the help of drug rehab in Ontario:

Drug Seeking

If you are a close friend you may be able to notice when a friend is actively looking for drugs.  They may be open about their need or they may be speaking to unusual people.  You may even notice them dealing with dubious characters.

This sign is often overlooked as a little fun but can be one of the earliest signs of a drug addiction building.

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As the drug addiction continues your loved one will start to change the way they behave.  Much of this is due to the chemical changes in their brain.  The whole goal will be to generate sufficient funds to pay for the next installment of their drug.

Unfortunately, the more someone has of a drug the more reliant they will become on it.  This means that they will need more and more of the drug to create the same effect and this will show in their behavior.  As time passes you will start to notice their attention becomes solely focused on the drug; all other things will be forgotten about.


As the addiction strengthens your loved one will spend less time concerned with their appearance and cleanliness and more time worrying about their next fix.  The result is a lack of personal care and hygiene which will become increasingly noticeable.  

The lack of pride in their appearance will also be reflected in their approach to work and other social activities.  At this point the addiction is likely to be noticeable to many other people.


Most people do not know about the finances of their friends so it may be difficult to judge whether they are disappearing rapidly.  However, an addict will need all the funds they can get and you will start to see signs of their financial issues as they fail to pay bills on time

As soon as you believe a friend or loved one has an issue you should seek assistance with drug rehab in Ontario.  The sooner they receive treatment the easier the recovery process will be and the more likely it will be that it is successful.