What is prophy paste and what are the advantages?

Even though many people avoid going to the dentist, the more you go, the less painful or invasive the procedures are going to be. One of the things people go to the dentist for is to whiten their teeth. Having a bright and white smile has always been important among men and woman. It shows you are a healthy person, an individual that follows certain hygiene habits. A stained smile can be fixed with a visit to the dentist and some prophy paste. Never heard of it? We explained it all to you here in this article.

What is prophy paste?

This is a special paste which is used by the dentist to remove stains and clean teeth when the patient goes for a regular check-up and some deep cleansing. This type of paste usually contains cleaning agents and also polishing agents. They can go from soft to mild and coarse grit that will remove harder stains.

Many prophy pastes right now contain potassium nitrate and fluoride. Those two ingredients prevent the demineralization of teeth, which happens over time because of the loss of calcium, constant use and intake of many different kinds of foods and drinks.

What about children, can they use it?

There are special types of prophy paste flavors that can be very attractive for children, these include candy, fruit, chocolate or mint, among others. These new flavors will make the visit to the dentist something to be curious about and not afraid of. Prophy paste for children is usually milder in grit because at such young age children are not expected to have severe stains to be removed. Another great characteristic is that this paste rinses completely

There is also the possibility of children or adult suffering from allergies to the color pigments used in prophy pastes. In these cases, there is the option of getting your teeth cleaned with a prophy paste that doesn’t have any kind of additives, such as color, fluoride or flavor.

Advantages of using prophy pastes:

  1. Teeth polishing has been in the market for so long that right now there are more advanced and effective techniques in the fabrication of prophy pastes. All of this creates a product that maximizes results and reduces risks to the minimum.
  2. Prophy paste gets the job done in just a few seconds. The dentist has to polish the enamel for less than 30 seconds, and it will be enough to clear plenty of stains.
  3. Your smile can go back to being normal and shiny. Polishing your teeth will give you back a healthy look you may have lost.

When to use prophy paste?

This has to be decided by the professional dental hygienist. If the polishing becomes too frequent, the enamel of the teeth may be damaged, and this can cause serious complications. The pain would be the first one to appear since the teeth would lose a critical protection layer.

If polishing with prophy paste is indicated, then the characteristic of the abrasive ingredients have to be considered and carefully selected according to the type and depth of the stains that were found.

What will happen at the dentist check-up?

The dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth in general. He or she will also ask some questions about your general health because many relevant aspects could influence your oral hygiene.

This professional is the one that can give you some advice on the subject related to diet, drinking or smoking since all these actions affect your oral health. The appointment is also the right moment to talk about your teeth-cleaning habits. You may have to talk about the ones you already have and also the ones you have to improve and modify.

Final details

It is important to understand that even though prophy pastes are now very common and modern, it is not necessary to polish your teeth in every single dentist appointment. This could lead to enamel damages explained before. The best way to make polishing last longer is by executing an effective daily care routine that maximizes the benefits of every dentist appointment.