Things You Need To Know Before Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you haven’t removed your wisdom teeth, you have many things to consider. The thought of getting your teeth pulled out can make you nervous and scared. But, there is nothing to fear about wisdom teeth extraction as you are not the one who is going to do it. Millions of Aussies have pulled out their wisdom teeth, and they are alive.  In fact, wisdom teeth removal Sydney is a common procedure in dentistry. Here is everything you need to before you go in for surgery so that you can make informed decisions.

Why is wisdom teeth removal necessary? 

A wisdom tooth can cause a lot of dental problems such as dental decay, teeth shifting and crowding, gum disease, and cyst. Often, wisdom teeth do not get enough space on the jaw line to erupt in the right position. So in an attempt to erupt, they tend to push other teeth and grow at different angles. Most of the dentists recommend cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney before they become impacted, cause trouble to second molars, and to avoid a more complicated surgery. Only a few cases don’t require extraction. You can have them; if they are healthy, developed in the right position, and don’t create any problem to nearby teeth.

Why there is no space for wisdom teeth? 

Our jaw size is smaller than it used to be. Our ancestor’s food habits were different than our diet. Wisdom teeth were helpful for our great grandfathers and mothers as they tend to consume raw foods like plants, and meat. They had great jaw development with room for all 32 teeth to come in the right position. Today, we eat cooked food that is soft to chew and swallow. So, we no more need these wisdom teeth. Besides, today’s dental procedures are intended to save the teeth. That is why we don’t have enough space on the jaw to accommodate the third molars.

So, when there is no space, wisdom teeth can get trapped under gum and become impacted, causing pain and infection.

What is the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal may vary from one person to another depending on several factors such as the type of impaction, the complexity of the procedure, the number of teeth, and anaesthesia. Some dentists offer discounts for removing all four teeth in a single sitting. Speak to your dentist to get the exact cost of removing your wisdom teeth.

What happens if you don’t have them removed? 

One of the significant reasons to remove wisdom teeth is to prevent them from damaging other healthy teeth. When a wisdom tooth grows in sideways, it creates an area where food particles can get caught, affects your bite, decays the teeth, and cause a painful infection that leads to tooth loss. You wouldn’t want to risk your healthy teeth. So it is better to remove your wisdom teeth.