Risks of Not Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Hope you might be aware of the consequences of not having your wisdom teeth removed. Yeah…We understood that having wisdom teeth extraction can be a bit of hassle, but hopping out on it can cause lasting problems in your mouth. You might have a thought that by skipping the surgery might save more dollars on the cost of wisdom teeth removalin Sydney.

Wondering what are the risks of not having your wisdom teeth removed? The following complications are the important reasons to find an affordable provider wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Reason #1: The main symptom associated with wisdom teeth removal is “Pain”. You may feel pain or soreness in your jaw, ear, throat, or side of your face, as well as the site of the wisdom tooth.

Reason #2: If you’ve an impacted wisdom tooth, it may acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria may spread throughout the body and affect your overall health. And this is more dangerous for people with weak immune system.

Reason #3: You may feel some kind of difficulties while cleaning the partially erupted teeth. This will cause the food particles to trap between the teeth and can cause gum inflammation around the gums. If it left untreated for days, bone destruction may follow.

Reason #4:When wisdom teeth are trapped inside soft tissue or bone and don’t have enough room to emerge. And this cause pressure from impacted wisdom teeth which in turn causes tooth shifting and damage neighboring teeth.

Reason #5: Impacted wisdom teeth can weaken the structural integrity of the jaw, which may result in an increased chance of the risk of jaw fracture.

Reason #6: Wisdom teeth erupt in the awkward position, as they can interfere with the normal bite and cause stress on the jaw muscles and joints.

Does The Dentist Ever Recommend Not Extracting Wisdom Teeth?

Thinking, “Is it always necessary to remove the wisdom teeth?” The answer is “No” – The need of wisdom teeth removal varies because each case is different.

If you have had your wisdom teeth completely erupted without any issue, you may not need to have them extracted. The specialists of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney don’t recommend removing wisdom teeth when they are:

  • Healthy
  • Fully erupted
  • Positioned correctly and not overly crowding adjacent teeth
  • Functioning properly

Having wisdom teeth removal surgery is, certainly, not a fun experience. But if your dentist has recommended having your wisdom teeth removed, it’s best to act sooner rather than later. Don’t ever forget to discuss the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney with your dentist!

Felt any pain or discomfort in your jaw? Are you wondering if your wisdom teeth should be removed? Contact the certified dentist for an appointment!