The original P.W.A.H. ™

What is it about?:

The Original Kissen mit Loch is a unique pillow that is used to treat ear ailments such as ear pressure ulcers (CNH) and chronic ear pain. The design of the pillow helps to heal and allows you to effortlessly sleep with ear piercings / earrings and earplugs.

This is achieved by the patented hole design. In the middle of the pillow is a hole that helps the ear to sleep and relieves it. So it is possible that the ear does not rub against the fabric of the pillow or bed while sleeping. This is important because many chronic ear problems are caused by the pressure of your pillow.

Why do I need such a pillow?

As mentioned previously, in most cases, friction and pressure on your ear during sleep are the cause of painful ear diseases and ear ulcers. The fabric of your pillow and the pressure of your head lying on your ear rubs the skin of the ear until it becomes weakened and damaged and finally it starts to rupture. This is especially the case when the person is older or accustomed to sleeping on the side. As soon as you feel a pain from the pressure or the ulcer begins to grow, all you have to do is remove the source of the pain, your pillow. For more information on this painful condition, take a look at this useful source: CNH Ear

This makes the reading uncomfortable and one wonders: “How can I sleep without a pillow?”

Well, the good news is that there is a specially designed ear-hole pillow that has a unique design. This pillow allows you to sleep without putting pressure on your ear. Many doctors are unaware of this simple and effective solution and still prescribe creams and ointments. These often only counteract the symptoms, but they do not fight the origin of the pain, with the result that the symptoms persist in the long run.

The pillow with the hole is also useful to quickly heal the ear after an ear operation and to relieve the discomfort of ear piercings / earrings.