How We Ensure Quality Caregivers

The safety and wellness of our clients is our main priority. We take several steps to ensure our home assistance staff won’t harm them physically, mentally or financially. We also advise family members to stay involved with their loved one, so they know what kind of care the person is receiving at all times. 

What We Do

  1. We Screen

We conduct a thorough screening of our caregivers during the hiring process. If we feel they’d be a good fit with our company, we start the hiring process with a criminal background check and a drug test. We contact their references and possibly their previous employers to ensure what they told us holds true. We ask references and previous employers about the person to obtain an understanding of the caregiver’s integrity, character and work ethic.  

  1. Extensive Questioning

When prospective employees enter our doors in seek of a job, we question them thoroughly. While we don’t want to scare them off, we do want to know how much education and experience the potential candidate has. We ask questions, so we can get an idea of who the person is and what they can bring to our clients. Our questioning process helps us to determine if the prospective home assistance caregiver is honest with us. 

  1. Verifying Information

While we would love to believe everyone who walks in for an interview is telling us the truth, this isn’t the case. Some people just really want a job and will say anything to get it. That’s why we verify information on social media networks and through licensing agencies if we feel any of the information provided to us is nonfactual. 

  1. Routine Evaluations

Once we hire the caregiver, we conduct routine evaluations to make sure our caregivers are meeting up to the expectations of the client and his or her family as well as with our company’s values. Our routine evaluations are used to provide the caregiver with insight on their performance and guidance on how to improve. If we see any signs of an employee not meeting our expectations, we instantly remove them from our team.  

What You Should Do

  1. Drop in Unexpectedly Every Now and Then

We advise our family members to drop in any time they want. This allows the family to feel confident in our caregivers’ performance. It also means our caregivers always work up to their full potential because they never know when a family member may arrive to monitor them. Feel free to discuss your loved one’s care with the home assistance aide. 

  1. Inquire About the Experience With the Caregiver

We suggest our families inquire about their loved one’s experience with their caregiver on the first day to ensure the caregiver and the loved one are a match for one another. Families should regularly ask their loved one about the caregiver, so they know if the care is continuing the same way it began.