Is taking SARMs good for body building?  

SARMs mean Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They are compounds with similar properties of anabolic steroids but according to their name, they are more precise in their functioning. As a receptor modulator, they cause impact on particular body tissues and areas.

In comparison, steroids are known to affect more than muscle development and performance and the bad effects are no secret. You can call SARMs a novel muscle-growth option, but at present they don’t have a solid ground of advocates.

It is important to know the science behind SARMs and know what its different varieties can do for you. You can check out for more information. Here are the best SARMs in 2020 for you:

Best SARM overall- Ostarine

Developed by GTx, this SARM replicates the working of testosterone. Because this male hormone allows you to shed extra unwanted body fat and get lean muscle with enhanced energy, it proves to an overall winner.

Ostarine causes testosterone effects to treat conditions occurring because of testosterone deficiency. It has shown reliable results in muscle building and physical function enhancement, both in men and women.

Testosterone is the major reason behind several body processes, right from better physical activity to muscle building. And because Ostarine replicates testosterone functions, it is one of the best SARMs for those looking for muscle mass and performance development.

Recommended for bulking up- Testolone

It was developed with the aim to treat problems like breast cancer and muscle wasting.  Designated as one of the most potent SARMs, it proves to be the best option for those looking for bulking up and muscle building.

Testolone generates an amazing affinity for androgen receptor cells in the human body. It is very selective in comparison to other SARMs and doesn’t affect the other steroid hormone receptors. According to studies Testolone enhances lean body mass causing no effect on fat mass.

Research suggests that testolone binds well to the androgen receptions in muscle and bone and doesn’t allow the receptors in breast and prostate, lowering the danger of breast and prostate cancer.

The quick muscle building abilities of Testolone are the best for a bulking cycle. So, if you want to target just your bone and muscle and wish to bulk up quickly, without affecting anything else, then this SARM is the best for you.

Recommended for women- Lingadrol

This SARM helps to fight bone and muscle loss, occurring from osteoporosis. It is recommended for women suffering from bone disease.  It combines with the androgen receptive cells of your body and helps in generating lean body mass.

In just a few days, people see good strength in legs with stair walking power. As bone density loss in common in women, it is the best SARM for women. However, its potent ability to build lean muscle makes it a perfect choice for most bodybuilders.

Recommended for cutting fat- Andarine

If you are looking for an androgen receptor for cutting, then Andarine is your option. It is also a product of GTx like Ostarine and was designed to treat osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

Other than building muscle mass, it also helps in fat loss. With better loss of fat and bigger muscles, you can get the cut look perfectly.

With every SARM for different body building goal, isn’t it great for bodybuilding.