Institut Curie Cancer Treatment Hospital working for the Betterment of Cancer Patients

Institut Curie is a global leader in the fight against cancer. Rest assured that the cancer research center is an internationally renowned state of the art hospital. You could make the most of various kinds of treatments provided for all kinds of cancer, including the rarest forms as well.

Institut Curie is the brainchild of Marie Curie, founded in 1909. The community encompasses 3300 researchers, caregivers, and physicians working at three different locations, namely, Paris, Orsay, and Saint-Cloud. They aim to fulfill the threefold mission of the institute – care, research, and teaching. The French law has recognized this renowned public-service private foundation. They are authorized to receive bequests and donations. It would be pertinent to mention here that such gifts would enable the institute in making discoveries relatively quickly, thereby improving the quality of treatment and life of cancer patients.

The mission of the hospital

Institut Curie works for the betterment of sick people and science. They would work through close interdisciplinary cooperation between staff for providing the people in need with the following:

  • They provide clinical, translational, and basic scientific research in chemistry, physics, radiobiology, and biology. They aspire to put science at the service of people and help them fight against various kinds of diseases, especially cancer.
  • They promote research and provide access to innovation for forging a link with economic players. It enables the overall development of modernization for benefitting the patients along with improving the scientific knowledge of the people.
  • The cancer treatment hospital in Paris diagnose, follow-up, and provide care to the sick people in their center. They are a member of the Unicancer Federation.
  • They contribute to international research and care, specifically in oncology.
  • They aim to provide the conservation and transmission of knowledge in various fields. The professional doctors of Institut Curie would cater to your specific needs through museology activities and teaching.

It would be pertinent to mention here that teaching has been a significant part of the different social missions of the foundation. It has been closely associated with the research and care missions of the hospital. Institut Curie works for the conservation of knowledge. As a result, they look forward to passing the work carried out by Marie Curie and the families of Joliot-Curie to the world.

It would not be wrong to suggest that the different kind of activities carried out by Institut Curie allows them to fulfill its missions in the best possible way. This globally renowned research center entails more than 1100 researchers working in 86 different research teams for the betterment of the people and science.

The business model of Institut Curie

Public donations have an integral part to play in the funding of Institut Curie. Rest assured that the generosity of the people would ensure the independence of the hospital to accelerate discoveries for the overall benefits of patients suffering from various kinds of diseases, especially cancer. The hospital has been popular for treating and caring for people suffering from various kinds of cancers.