How much time taken by Invisalign Treatment?

Most of the people ask this question that for how long they will need to take Invisalign treatment and the answer to the question is that it depends on various factors and that also includes how frequent you wear your aligners and how complex is your case.

As per the survey report, most of the orthodontists say that teenagers will require Invisalign for around a year, whereas adults may require it for little longer such as up to two years. Though there is no ideal formula for calculating the time period which would be taken by a patient for his treatment, as every patient or person has their own unique alignment of the tooth that will be a factor which can be considered. In case you want to set up your complimentary invisalign consultation then contact us i.e. Oracare Dental Clinic.

How often does an individual have to wear the Aligners?

Most of the orthodontists ask their patients to wear the aligners as often as possible. This directly means that patients have to wear it almost all times. Not same as metal braces which are very prominent and most of the time interfere with your activities such as how you talk and eat, Invisalign aligners are designed in such a way that it nearly become invisible which means that these are not get noticed by a peer or other onlooker as compare to the metal braces.

Though most of the orthodontists want their patients to wear the aligners as much as is humanly possible, we also understand that there are dome cases when aligners do not work. Let us take an instance while eating, it is much secure for the aligner as well as for your teeth that the aligners to be removed from your mouth. In most of the cases, aligners will neither interfere with any kind of activity nor even be visible.

According to the recommendation of the orthodontists, teenagers do not need to wear their aligners as long when compared to adults, the reason is simple because their teeth can easily move and are also more responsive and reactive to the alignments made during the invisalign treatments.  When it comes to adults, they usually have more complicated cases and also less responsive and reactive to the alignments of teeth and jaws, this s the reason that their treatments tend to take much longer time.