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Does our Colon Need Darmsanierung or Intestinal Cleansing?

Cleansing your colon or your large intestine is very important. For example, if you will undergo a medical procedure like colonoscopy, doctors will require you to avoid eating food for at least a day before undergoing the procedure to have a clear view of your intestine. 

But for some people, they believe that the process will get rid of any excess toxins that accumulated in their colon over time from the food we eat, the water they drink or air people breath, as well as the lifestyle they lead. People who are fond of cleansing their intestine, believe that a regular cleaning regimen from the inside out will remove any forms of toxins and waste that is stuck to the intestinal walls. 

The waste buildup also supposedly creates certain toxins that enter the bloodstream that is very dangerous to our body. These toxins contribute to health problems and a variety of symptoms like bloating, fatigue, irritated skin, as well as weight gain. Not only that, it supposedly contributes to depression, a particular form of allergies, arthritis and cancer, especially cancer. 

Cleansing experts promote ways to clean your intestine. One technique involves taking a bowel-cleansing laxative, supplements or powdered form, using an enema or drinking a lot of herbal tea that discharges toxins or release intestinal waste.

However, people using this technique might need to continually use the bathroom because of continuous bowel movement or diarrhea. The second way is called colon hydrotherapy or also known as colonic irrigation. In this method, a practitioner will flush out the large intestine by sending distilled water into the body through a tube that is inserted into the rectum of the patient. 

The procedure can cost more or less $100 per session. In Germany, there is a method they called natürliche darmsanierung or natural intestinal rehabilitation. But Like the methods mentioned above, it is still unproven and under research. But do these methods to flush out dangerous toxins out of your body or it will just flush down money down the drain?

A lot of medical professionals or physicians say that the human body is well-equipped with its own flushing mechanisms that eliminated all the harmful substances out of the body: they are called liver and kidney. As a matter of fact, cleaning the intestine to remove harmful toxins is potentially hazardous and an unnecessary practice. 

Every week, physicians and experts receive tons of questions regarding colon bath and whether they are safe or not. And most, if not all, of them, tells their patients that it has a little health benefit, and the research is not sufficient enough for it to be a legitimate medical procedure. 

People believe that cleansing becomes a popular idea because of the thought that our large intestine is dirty, and it needs to be cleansed and get rid of any forms of waste. Medical professionals do not endorse colon hydrotherapy. But for people who undergo colonoscopy, it is a must to make sure that the colon is free of any obstruction during the procedure. 

Colon hydrotherapy is also recommended for people suffering from severe constipation before stronger drugs are available that can help remedy the problem. Because of lack of research regarding cleansing, people, even medical professionals, have little to no clue when it comes to the real truth of intestinal bath. It is a gray area where serious research is needed. Listed below are some potential (and probably dangerous) side effects of cleansing.

Medical professionals do not have enough information, whether it provides unhealthy or healthy side effects. Most of the side effects come from cases that are reported to them via medical journal and not from actual medical research or studies. The good thing is, this procedure has a lot of health benefits. It makes your digestive system perform more effectively since it pushes through the system and clears a way for good nutrients to be absorbed properly and quickly. A clean colon will help your body get rid of toxic materials easily. It also prevents constipation and maintain regularity. Not only that, for people who have problems with fertility, colon cleansing can increase your body’s fiber intake and help with your weight loss control. Too much fat can affect your fertility since estrogen is a fat-based hormone. Too much estrogen, becoming pregnant will be more difficult. 

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Weight loss solution

Food that lacks fiber move through your body’s digestive system a lot slower compared to fiber-based food. Slow-moving foods will produce extra mucous that sticks to your intestinal walls, weighing your intestines down with additional pounds of decaying toxic fecal matter. Cleansing your colon will help with the weight loss by removing these decaying toxic fecal matters from the intestinal walls.

Decrease the risk of colon cancer

Every toxin that you ingest; drink breathe, absorbed through the skin and eat will end up getting processed in your kidney, liver and gastrointestinal system. If they you do not force these toxins out from your system as quickly as possible, they can damage your body. By releasing the stagnant waste in your body, you minimize the risk and cause of cysts, polyps and cancer growth in your gastrointestinal tract and colon. That is why it is important to cleanse your colon to avoid or at least decrease the risk of these diseases.

The effects on the natural fauna on your intestine are still unknown

Billion, if not trillions of bacteria reside in our intestines, and eliminating these bacteria or changing the population of both harmful and beneficial bacteria in the gut can pose a severe problem. Cleansing will never get rid of all hazardous and beneficial bacteria, but according to research, a lot of them are healthy and are helping our body become healthy. 

Some of these bacteria play an essential role in keeping harmful bacteria at bay. Experts still do not know if colon cleansing or colon hydrotherapy can disrupt bacteria in the intestines and can cause an imbalance in our body’s microbiome. There are studies, but these studies are still inconclusive.