Care Cancer in France, Activity, and Treatment

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. There are many types of cancer which can be a dangerous and serious disease for a dangerous and serious disease such as blood-borne marrow, elderly, choroidal, digestive, ent, gynecological, skin, tumors, breast, lung, soft tissue, urogenital, and malignant eye cancer. Since cancer becomes a wide disease, there are many institutions that conduct the programs for cancer care including in France. The skin cancer treatments lincoln NE is conducted by the government and the private institutions as well as the university. They provide the treatment for curing cancer, socialization for preventing cancer, research for discovering the drug and medicinal method for curing cancer. One of the institutions that provide cancer care is Institut Carie.

The care cancer of Institut Carie

The Institut Carie is built as a product of Marie Carie cancer care. This institution has some missions including research and development in scientific, clinical, physical, chemistry, biology, and radiobiology. It also provides diagnostic and cancer care for the patients. In addition, this institution also contributes to the transfer knowledge and international influence of research and treatment. As a part of the mission, this institution provides treatment and cancer care for the patients.

Elderly cancer and cancer care

The elderly are the age group that is fragile and high risk to get cancer diseases. The elderly group range is from 70 – 75 years old. Since this group has a high risk, the management of cancer care is more difficult than the other group. Sometimes, treatment and medicine do not always work. Therefore, a comprehensive diagnostic is a must. There are several treatments that can be done for treating cancer in the elderly group such as surgery, radiation therapy, and medical treatments. This institution provides the best follow up and care to clinical patients. Meanwhile, since not only the elderly group that has a risk of having cancer, it also provides the best treatment options for patients. The first treatment is chemotherapy and hormones which are frequently used for treating cancer. Usually, chemotherapy is administered using intravenous and sometimes via oral. Meanwhile, the hormones treatment is used for blocking the hormone receptor for the cancer cells.

 Another treatment is immunotherapy. This treatment uses the immune system of patients for treating cancer cells. The immunotherapy can work in two ways including therapeutic vaccines against cancer and unlocking the immune system for attacking the cancer cell. Immunotherapy is a new method for treating cancer in patients. Reconstructive surgery is a method for removing the region that has been contaminated by cancer. However, some consequences are available due to the surgery. Protontherapy may not familiar with the patients since it needs high quality of the instruments. The principal of proton therapy is using the proton beam energy to destroy the cancer cell. But, this method can be an efficient method. Radiotherapy may one of the most familiar treatments for patients. This method uses ionizing radiation for destroying the cancer cell of patients. These are some treatments that can be selected by patients.