Your Liquid To Vape

Also known as e-juice , e-liquid or other types of other forms is basically a liquid that features a “humectant” (vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol; this is what generates steam when exhaled), depending on the graduation of some flavorings you add in your vaporizer, in accordance to its instructions and you enjoy. That easy!

First liquid purchase is a bit intimidating, more than anything knowing what to choose in front of so much offer, that is, there is so much data on Google and an incredible variety of brands that confuses. Do not panic, you’ve got only two choice to make: what flavors do you want and how much are you willing to pay for it?

Let’s deal with the questions: Regardless of whether you go for a large vape device with low resistance and higher power coil, or a small method with a higher resistance, most vapers use nicotine levels of 3 ml or 6 ml (milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid).

There is no exact science in this! You will realize quite quickly that you like it or not and thus always modify it gradually until you reach the point of maximum steam pleasure.

Your Last Decision Is The Taste

This is an incredibly subjective and personal choice; Of course, making this type of decision is not easy, so we maintain a high level of varieties to make your choice simpler.

In knockoutcbd, we strive always to have quality and diversity available with guaranteed stock. We advise that, in the beginning, try various flavors in two contrasting powers (depending basically on your vaping device). This ensures that you discover the appropriate combination for you. In our CBD vape oil section, you will be able to find a select list of exclusive CBD flower flavors.