Dental Implants – Aftercare Procedures

The dental implants procedure helps you to replace your missing tooth. After examining your oral health and discussing about the dental implants cost in Sydney, your dentist will perform the dental implants procedure to replace your missing tooth. Here we have mentioned a few aftercare tips you need to follow to speed up the recovery process.


To control the bleeding from the surgical site, you will be provided with gauze pad. You need to bite the gauze pad to control the bleeding. You need to change the gauze pad every 30 minutes. If bleeds heavily, you need to contact your dentist.

Swelling Near The Surgical Site

You will experience some swelling on your face near the surgical site for one or two days. It is a normal occurrence, so you no need to panic. You can use ice pack to reduce the swelling near the surgical site. You can apply the ice pack often for two days after the surgery.


You may not feel much pain during the surgery, but you may feel some discomfort after the surgery. To reduce the discomfort and pain, you need to take the medications provided by your dentist. Avoiding the medications may cause more pain. So to avoid pain after undergoing dental implants in Sydney, you need to take the mediations prescribed your dentist.

Prevent Infection

After the surgery, you have the change of getting infection. To avoid infections, you need to take the antibiotics prescribed by your dentist.


You need to avoid hot or very cold drinks and foods after undergoing dental implants in Sydney. It also must to avoid using straw to suck liquids, as it may affect the blood clot. For the first few days, you need to consume only the liquid foods such as soups, pudding, yogurt, etc. Later on, you can start eating soft foods. But, be careful while chewing the foods. Avoid eating crunchy foods for a few days.

Oral Hygiene

You need to rinse your mouth using salt mixed with warm water. But, make sure to avoid vigorous rinsing. You can have the warm salt water rinse for four to five times a day. You can gently brush your teeth the day after the surgery without disturbing the surgical site. You can avoid flossing the surgical site for a few days.


Immediately after undergoing cheap dental implants in Sydney, you need to reduce your physical activities. If you exercise after the surgery, you may experience bleeding or throbbing. If it occurs, you need to avoid your physical activities for a few days. Since you are not in a regular diet, you will become weak if you perform physical activities.