What Type of Massage is Best For Arthritis? 

Many people assume massage as a luxury, but when you have arthritis, it could mean the difference between relief and satisfaction. While there are many medications and massage therapies available to treat arthritis, many find that remedial massage in Perth as the best alternative treatment to ease the pain.

The benefits of deep tissue massage differ, but can it ease the pain of arthritis? Yes, regular deep tissue massage Perth of muscles and joints done by a licensed therapist can lead to a significant reduction in pain for people with arthritis. The massage session can help relax muscles that have become soreness and stiffness associated with the condition.

How does remedial massage help ease arthritis symptoms? 

Massage by a registered therapist can help reduce arthritis pain and improve flexibility in the muscles, tendons, and joints. Remedial massage relieves the pain and eases the muscle stiffness, which is associated with arthritis by improving blood circulation and reduces the inflammation. This, in turn, enhances the blood circulation to the joints and movement. The remedial massage helps to release muscle tension for better flexibility and pain relief.

If you are living with rheumatoid arthritis, remedial massage can improve healthy blood circulation throughout the joints, reduce swelling, and improve quality of life. For osteoarthritis, this type of massage can reduce swelling, improve joint mobility, and ease the pain and stress.

Communicate with your therapist 

Check with the massage therapist to see if this type of massage is safe and suitable for your form of arthritis. At your initial appointment, the therapist will examine you, discuss with you, and they can come up with an appropriate treatment plan based on your health condition. Some type of massage may not be right for you. Your therapist can help you assess the best approach for you.

Massage therapists are well trained to treat the soft tissues of the body and treat a range of conditions by using touch with sensitivity to give the optimal amount and degree of pressure and movement to apply on each client. A sensitive touch will enable the therapist to feel the way around a person’s body and locate the areas of tension and pain while making the client feel relaxed and receptive to the therapy.

They are well-trained to monitor, and evaluate treatment, advice on how to prevent injury and adapt remedial massage practice to meet the needs of an individual.

Apart from arthritis, remedial massage assists a range of health disorder such as insomnia, headache, depression, and anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic pain, etc. Be it a remedial massage or deep tissue massage or pregnancy massage in Perth, communicating with the therapist is the key.