Dental Implants 101

No matter whether you are missing a tooth, or at the risk of losing many, considering dental implants surgery will be a great solution for the permanent replacement. Have you lost one or more of your permanent teeth? Don’t panic, you are not alone! Did you know more than millions of Americans do not have at least one tooth? Having dental implant via dentist in Albuquerque NM not only look like your real teeth but also, function like natural teeth. With this high tech artificial teeth, many people report higher confidence and comfort after receiving their new tooth.

How does Dental Implant work? 

A titanium implant screw will act as your tooth root, after extracting the root of your missing teeth tooth. To make it resembles and function as like a natural tooth, a crown will be attached over the implant screw.

What Happens If You Ignore Dental Implant Surgery?

Did you know waiting too long to get an implant placed can have severe adverse effects?

Some of them are,

  • Negatively impact on your budget
  • Affect your oral health
  • Finally, affect your overall health

So, it is essential to hire the best dentist in Albuquerque and have your dental implant on time.

Pre Dental Implant Surgery 

On your pre-dental implant surgery appointment, your dentist in Albuquerque NM will ask you take an X-ray of your mouth to examine your oral health and the location where the implant needs to be placed.

After examining your mouth, your dentist will let you know the conduction of your oral health, and explain the dental implant surgery.

Note: If your oral health is poor, or if your jawbone is not developed fully, you can’t benefit from dental implants. This is because, fully developed jawbone and healthy gums are essential to support the implants.

Right Candidate for Dental Implant Surgery

  1. Good oral health
  2. Fully developed jawbone
  3. Healthy gum tissue without gum disease
  4. Strong jaw bone

Dental Implant Surgery 

Before your dentist in Albuquerque NM starts the dental implant procedure, you will be given anesthesia or sedation to reduce the level of pain. So, don’t panic, you will feel the pressure of the dental implant surgerybut not the pain. Then they will start the procedure by cutting the gum to expose the bone, and then drill a hole into the bone to place the implant screw. This severs at the tooth root.

After the healing process of more than a month, your dentist will place your artificial tooth that seems and function like a real one.

The Bottom Line 

Research says dental implants have a success rate of over 95%. This is significantly higher than other tooth replacement options exist. Looking to have dental implant surgery ate the right place, contact W. Gregory Rose DDS, PA, and book an appointment. Did you know the dentist at W. Gregory Rose DDS, PA is also a TMJ specialist in Albuquerque NM?