Dental Health of The Aging Parents

Caring for the teeth is a vital gesture that begins in the early stage of life. But with age, dental problems follow one another, teeth that crack, gums that bleed, teeth that come off. These occurrences are accustomed because of the teeth age as the body. For this reason, it is advisable for aging parents to regularly consult a dentist, take before and after dental procedure photos to know if actually, they are making progress. Preventive actions and oral hygiene measures are recommended to preserve your teeth as long as possible. Here are some tips from a dental hygienist.

Causes of Oral Problems in Aging Parents

Even if dental hygiene is thorough and regular, the teeth do not escape age, the aging of dental tissues and the erosion of enamel. Here are the causes of the phenomena that promote dental deterioration.


The gums tend to retract as they get aged. It uncovers the root of the tooth which is then more vulnerable to cavities. Dental caries may appear around the old fillings that crack.

Dental Sensitivity

One of the main problems of the dentition of the elderly is, therefore, the retraction of the gums. Dental areas and spaces are exposed directly and become sensitive to hot, cold, acid or sweet. This sensitivity can be as the upshot of the existence of caries.

Dental Appliances

Dentures, removable or fixed appliances make life easier for older people, but their maintenance requires to be done carefully. It is a good idea to follow the recommendations of the dental hygienist or your trusted dentist.

Periodontal Problems

Gum disease affects people of all ages. The causes are diverse:

  • An unbalanced diet
  • Defective oral hygiene
  • Drug treatments
  • The bad habits of life: the stress, the smoking, the alcohol
  • Dry Mouth

It is a recurring problem in the elderly that can be accentuated by taking medication. This can damage teeth and cause bad breath (halitosis). To prevent the mouth from drying up, it is recommended to drink regularly and not to smoke.

Various Diseases

Diabetes, cardio problem, cancer and, certain diseases are harmful to the state of oral health, and that whatever the age, the most frequent problems with age are:

  • The reduction of teeth and toothache
  • Wear of tooth enamel
  • Gingivitis that Destroy the Nectar

Impacts of bad teething and tooth loss have adverse health and morale effects, weight loss because the person cannot eat normally, undernutrition, isolation, addiction, lack of self-esteem, poor digestion because chewing is not optimal, faced with this, the dentist has solutions.