Can Fat Freezing Treatments Offer Body Sculpting Results Similar to Liposuction?

Yes, they can, however, to get similar results, a lot of precise treatment planning, the skill of a practitioner and several treatment sessions are needed. Fat freezing, also known as CoolSculpting, is an innovative treatment that was discovered after researchers understood what happens to the body when humans have frostbite — the fat cells freeze before the skin freezes.

Fat freezing works similar to frostbite; the process freezes the fat but leaves the skin unharmed. The targeted area of your skin is placed into a freezing device for approximately one hour, resulting in a decrease of fat cells.

A study was conducted by a group of Southern California plastic surgeons who did extensive research to determine the treatment effectiveness and popularity of fat freezing.

The study found:

  • Fat freezing is effective in decreasing fat just beneath the skin.
  • There were few conflicting events — three cases of mild or moderate pain were noted in the retrospective chart review; however, they all improved rapidly.
  • Over the two year study, the popularity of the fat freezing treatment rose with 823% more treatments received in 2012 than previously.

528 patients were treated with CoolSculpting in the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, right and left flank, back and inner and outer thigh. The lead study researcher determined that with proper fat freezing treatment planning, accurate applicator placement, and several treatment cycles, fat freezing can provide results comparable to liposuction results.


During CoolSculpting, a special cup is put over the love handles, stomach or other accessible areas and a heavy-duty suctioning device lifts the fat inside the paddles where it is then cooled. Some of the fat cells in the cooled treatment area are destroyed and eventually eliminated by the liver.

The amount of sessions required differs, according to the amount of excess fat and the skill of the practitioner. For the best CoolSculpting results look for a practitioner who is qualified and experienced in fat reducing treatments like Dr Saras top Sydney fat freezing specialist.


Suitable candidates for CoolSculpting have fat that is pinchable that can be pulled into the fat freezing devices paddles. As soon as the fat is inside the device, it is cooled down to a temperature that will break down the fat cells.

One treatment cycle takes under one hour to complete, and no anaesthesia is required. As soon as the targeted area has been treated the next area can be started if necessary.


Generally results can take two to four months to appear and some individuals experience mild pain, bruising and redness during the first few days. Most patients see a 20% fat reduction; however, it can take multiple treatment sessions to achieve that reduction amount.