How to Treat Thinning Hair & Hair Transplant

Hair thinning can be caused by a variety of factors, including the Androgenic alopecia, nutrient-less diet, chronic illness, Thyroid imbalance or stress. If you are affected by the hair thinning don’t get fret because there are a lot of options to control the problem or final solution can go for the hair transplantation.

The hair transplant is allowed when a person is affected by the genetic baldness or Androgenic alopecia that gives you permanent hair follicles that remain on scalp forever and retains the DHT-resistant characteristic even after the implantation.

First of all, it must be found out that what is the actual for a hair thinning in your case of hair loss. It helps in receiving the treatment measure in order to get the best possible result as soon as possible. It is advisable that if a patient is affected by the genetic hair loss or Androgenic alopecia, the pre-procedure consultation with an expert hair transplant is needed. The consultation session informs you about your state of hair loss in terms of Norwood grade, the available donor area strength for fulfilling the hair transplant goal and the reason for hair loss in detail. The hair transplant in India is a rising option with the budget-cost option to provide the best facilities and quality care to the hair loss patients. The hair transplant cost in India is far better than the cost applicable in the other country or continents.

What is needed for a successful Self-help process if you are affected by the Hair Thinning?

Visit your Hair loss Doctor/Dermatologist: If you are gradually affected by the hair thinning manly from the top, front and crown area, you may be a victim of the Androgenic alopecia and hence a consultation with your Doctor is required. Visiting the Doctor and knowing about the causes of the problem is half done with the treatment and the rest will be recommended by the Surgeon based on your condition of hair loss.

If the Androgenic alopecia case is found out, it is recommended to receive the hair transplant procedure, which is further decided by your age, donor area, condition as well as the area of the scalp affected by the hair loss/thinning.

Do check the Patient’s feedback and go through the Restoration sites: It is very important to do some homework before going to finalize the Surgeon. Do not trust on hearing & say and check personally the recognition and reputation of a Surgeon/Doctor in the hair transplant world. It is mandatory to check the after and before pictures of the patients to analyze the received outcomes. The restoration forums, portals of hair restoration services as well as the journal play a pivotal role in finalizing the best hair transplant Surgeon.

Hair Transplantation: How & When?

The procedure of hair transplant is a plastic & cosmetic surgery that requires a donor area as well as the receiving portion of the process of transferring the hair roots from one area to another. This process involves the shifting of hair roots/follicles that are done through the graft/hair follicle extraction process, either by FUT or an FUE technique.

The hair transplant is performed by the expert hand gives you the utmost cosmetic effect by giving the natural hairline design, scarless procedure without having a pinch of pain and a dense-packed result that sustains permanently. The hair root that is taken from the safe donor portion retains the characteristics of DHT resistivity even after the transplantation and remains forever on the scalp.

When Hair Transplant required is jotted down below:

  • Excessive hair thinning occurs due to genetic baldness, hair transplant is allowed for both the conditions, whether it is a case of male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness
  • The Norwood class affected the scalp perversely, with the grade 3 or above that may increase up to class 7
  • To correct a bad hairline design that is affected by the accidental burns or a wider forehead by birth
  • To correct the previous wrong hair transplant by the revision hair transplant with an expert Surgeon of hair restoration
  • To offer a dense-packed hair transplant result


On the whole, we can say that the restoration of hair is allowed for both the condition, whether the patient is affected by the hair thinning problem or hair loss with the available grade of Norwood baldness. The procedure gives the permanent and aesthetic outcomes, which is almost undetectable if performed by an expert hair transplant Surgeon.