Bimaxillary ProtrusionAnd What It Is All About

Bimaxillary protrusion is not a new word but maybe it is a less heard term for a problem that can be found in huge number. Most of the Asians suffer from bimaxillary protrusion without knowing the exact term. In order to understand what is bimaxillary protrusion one must first understand that human body evolves and every human is unique. Through the body parts are same but their features, characteristics and alignments are different and same is the case with teeth. No two people has a similar or identical set of teeth or jaw. The permanentteeth that grow in jaw can take various shapes and alignments and the reason behind this individuality can sometime be natural or sometime be manmade.

In order to answer what is bimaxillary protrusion, it is a situation where the upper and lower incisors are flared out. Which means the upper teeth and lower teeth that is used for tearing food and cutting it tends to peep out and come out of their usual alignment. Now this is not a flaw in all cases. Each and every individual has a different face structures and a different teeth length. For people who have square jaw, bimaxillary protrusion looks good on their face as they tend to give the jaw and lips a proper shape that matches with the jaw line.

Also, if the length of the teeth that is flared out is small then also it does not tend to effects the beauty of the face and smile. But in case the jaw line is sharp or oval and one is having bimaxillary protrusion then it can makes the entire facial appearance look ugly. Also, if the lower and upper incisorsare bigger in size then it can come in between the lips resulting in to many difficulties. Chewing food becomes a tough job and these teeth can even cut the lips at times.

Gummy smile, stammering, unclear verbal pronunciations are some of the disadvantage of having bimaxillary protrusion. One can treat this flaw in various ways.

  • Putting braces if the flared out teeth is small in size can be really helpful in getting rid of such wrong alignments and projections. Anyhow if the teeth are big in size then one cannot brace it with ease.
  • Plucking out the teeth is a remedy but not a solution. The teeth do not grow again after a certain age and incisors are important for eating and hence one cannot go for tooth extraction in case of bimaxillary protrusion.
  • One can go for filing the teeth and make it shorted in length so that it does not gets in between the smile or while one in is talking.

Gummy smile results in making the appearance ugly and when such people talk they tend to produce a lot of gum inside the mouth that results in to unwanted spitting that can make the situation worse. Hence, seeing a doctor and taking the required step is important to get rid of any flaws.