5 Reasons You Should Be Visiting A Vein Clinic

There is a misconception that you only need to see a vein specialist when varicose veins become badly twisted and painful. Another misconception is that vein treatment is strictly for cosmetic purposes. Dr. Abella and the dedicated staff at Abella Health in Miami know how to treat vein issues.

Here are five reasons you need to see a vein specialist:

Your legs feel heavy

Feeling heaviness, pain or weakness in your legs sometimes occurs after strenuous exercise. Some individuals experience heaviness, pain, weakness or discoloration in their legs due to vein health issues.

Leg heaviness is a potential indicator of blood pooling in the legs due to damaged veins.

You have varicose veins

Varicose veins are not something you should ignore as a minor issue. The gnarled veins often appear enlarged, are sometimes painful for many individuals and are potentially a sign of serious issues, including circulatory issues.

If you ignore varicose veins, you run the risk of developing blood clots or ulcers.

You have spider veins

Spider veins present as smaller web-like veins and are close to the skin’s surface. Pressure potentially builds up in spider veins.

Leave tender, swollen, red spider veins untreated and you risk development of superficial thrombophlebitis, or blood clots near the skin.

Home remedies fail to work

When home remedies such as elevating your legs, watching your diet and exercising fail to work, see a vein specialist.

You cannot tell if there are hidden serious issues. Someone with knowledge about vein health and treatment needs to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

The health and appearance of your veins affect your quality of life

Some people likely visit a vein clinic to learn more about vein health, while others seek relief from potentially life-altering conditions.