Why Physiotherapy is the Preferred Solution for Injuries & Recovery

Physiotherapy is the popular choice of treatment executed to assist in the recovery of most injuries and conditions. With physiotherapy, sports injuries and chronic pains are greatly healed whilst improving mobility. Over the years, physiotherapy in Perth has become widely popular and is being greatly adopted by several patients today. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Physiotherapy?

According to the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy), physiotherapy is defined as ‘healing to restore function and movement when somebody hit by disability, injury or illness. Physiotherapy is offered in various ways including manual therapy, exercise, movement and even education.

History of Physiotherapy:

The term ‘physiotherapist’ was evolved from the term ‘physical therapist’ and it is said that the term was first used back in 1813 in Sweden. After Sweden’s National Board of Health & Welfare started to recognise physiotherapists, other countries such as New Zealand, USA and the UK followed the same.

The first degree course of physiotherapy was registered in 1976 and it is now recognised as a well-established medical technique with great medical significance.

Conditions Treated:

Here are the conditions commonly treated by Physiotherapy:

  • Range of Motion:

For anyone who has sustained injuries or have a condition that has impacted their range of motion, physiotherapy will be of great help. Problems like pain and stiffness in shoulder can be easily resolved with physiotherapy. Range-of-motion issues are no stranger to physiotherapy, and one can regain their mobility with the same.

  • Neurological Disorders:

Patients who have encountered Parkinson’s disease or stroke will find physiotherapy very helpful. Effective physiotherapy can rectify defects in mobility, gait and other weaknesses, thus bringing back either full or partial functionality.

  • Pain Management:

Chronic pain or other pain that might have resulted from accidents or injuries can be relieved with physiotherapy. Through effective pain management, physiotherapy helps improve one’s quality of life, so that they can resume their regular activities, sports or other hobbies.

  • Cardiopulmonary Conditions:

Physiotherapy is said to impart dramatic improvements for those with breathing issues. Cardiac patients will be provided clear instructions on basic movements, so as to help regain confidence after surgery.

  • Exercise:

A physiotherapist will assign a number of exercises one can practice at home. Once a patient gets accustomed to these exercises, they wouldn’t probably need the help of the physiotherapist in the future. The physiotherapist will keep tabs on the improvements and will then accordingly suggest increase or changes in the exercise routine. With regular appointments, there are great chances for one to progress towards complete recovery easily, provided the instructions are followed by the patient as intended.

Physiotherapy in Perth undoubtedly plays a great role in regaining optimum strength and health. Its popularity and relevance isn’t going to fade away anytime soon.

A Little about SportsMed Subiaco:

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