What Are The Uses Of Durapore Tape?

Wound care is important. You have to be ready to treat any type of wound whether small or big in an instant manner. So, you should have a first-aid box with all the tools, ointments and equipment needed to deal with wound closure. Tapes of adhesive nature are important as well as they help in healing of wounds on the back of features they have. These tapes are fit for any skin size and type so are used across hospitals and also at homes.

Here are different uses and features of the tape –

  • Durapore tape is general purpose and comes with strong adhesion which helps it work well for a variety of applications
  • They are made from non-stretch paper pulp and adhesive and have pores as well to support the cause of breathing in a big manner
  • They help secure dressings onto skin firmly and it is possible due to the adhesive contained
  • Such tapes are good for securing bulky dressings and tubing and health specialists also use them for small splints
  • They are fit for individuals having allergy risks as they are latex-free and hypoallergenic in nature
  • High strength adhesion is one of top features of the tape which makes them go gentle to the skin of any sensitivity level
  • They can be helpful for repeated applications on sensitive skin and they are also fit for elderly patients
  • They have pores which make them breathable in nature and this property makes them apt for quick healing of wounds
  • A healthy flow of air is circulated around the skin wound area when this kind of tape is used which helps in quick healing
  • Wound site is not allowed to suffocate as these tapes help in moisture evaporation and ensure quick healing
  • Upon removal, they leave behind minimal adhesive residue which makes them ensure pain-free wound healing
  • Their easy removal makes them a good first-aid tape for doing frequent gauze changes and also for a variety of post-surgery applications
  • They don’t need scissors to cut and a bi-directional tear makes them easy and speedy to be used
  • These tapes are created in a manner to adhere well to dry skin and help a great deal in wound closure
  • They are easy to cut to size to help secure any dressing type on the skin of people belonging to any age group  
  • These tapes are created to get easily replaced on a daily basis without any irritation or pain to the skin, and also without any infection risk
  • Such tapes stick well to skin and are created in a way to stay on there for several days without posing any kind of problems
  • These tapes are permeable to air which make them aerate the skin underneath and support the cause of quick healing  
  • These tapes may have the capability to handle some moisture but they are surely not waterproof and used accordingly
  • They, however, tend to be stiff and not supporting to all parts of the body, particularly the irregular ones