Get over your social anxiety with this supplement

We all know how physically and mentally demanding it is for an introvert to interact with other people. Often times though, interactions cannot be avoided, especially if it is in an environment that coerces people to interact, for example, schools and universities in which one is definitely bound to be required to interact with the student body in one way or the other, for example the dreaded public speaking.

It is never easy to speak in public, for some, it comes quite naturally but for the majority, they sometimes find it hard to deal with, especially those with social anxiety. One way to address this is by taking supplements that enhances one’s “social skills” among other things. One supplement in particular, aniracetam, is quite popular with students and people with anxiety for various reasons.

Conquer your fear

For people who experience it, anxiety can greatly limit their capabilities in terms of functioning effectively in a group or as a single entity. This is why most people who experience this turn to the ever popular aniracetam for help. This supplement provides the user enhanced cognitive skills as well as greatly reduce their anxiety and boosts their mood. This is very helpful for those people who experience anxiety in a group situation and can’t function properly. This effect is also effective for people who experience anxiety before doing something significant like taking a final exam, which is why this supplement is also favored by students.

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Ace your reports

Public speaking is something most do not look forward to, but is still unavoidable. The supplement helps you get through the anxiety of public speaking with its very helpful effects such as an increase in literary fluency and flow so you won’t just be mumbling and slurring everything you are saying in front of everybody, increased memory retention so you won’t have to stop mid-speech to try and remember what you’re supposed to say, it also enhances your mood so that you are more likely more approachable and not shy away from interaction. These are just some of the benefits you will get from taking Aniracetam.

Short term effects, possible long term gains

Although this supplement is very helpful, it only has a short half-life of 1-2 hours in the body before the effects start wearing off. If you would like to maintain the effects, it is suggested to take the supplement 2-3 times a day as needed, only as needed for you not to depend on it fully.

Relatively safe

The supplement, when taken with the suggested dosage is very safe. Safe in fact that there are little to no documented significant side effects, though this might depend from person to person which is why it is important to ask advice from your physician before taking it. If your physician gives the go signal, by all means go for it. There are only a few annoying little side effects such as headaches and mild nausea when it is your first time using the supplement, don’t worry, it will wear off in a while. Those people though that take higher than recommended doses might experience excessive nervousness or stomach discomfort or worse, both. Another thing is that while it might not really that big of a deal, some people, in rare cases, experience a loss of inhibition. While this might not totally be bad, you might end up regretting what you did after.

All in all, this specific steroid is very helpful for you to take on your day to day challenges especially if you aren’t the sociable type and it gives you anxiety. This supplement also improves your creativity as well. With these effects packed into a small tablet, no wonder why it’s one of the most popular nootropics in the market.