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Train Like A Pro At Home – Get mGym now!

Fitness is not a choice, but how you choose to get trained is your call. Back in the day, fitness enthusiasts didn’t have many options, besides making time for the gym. If you are someone who likes to get trained at home or want to just avoid the time spent in the gym, you can create your own world of fitness with mGym. The product is one of the innovative additions to the fitness industry and promises to make training easy and effective. mGym has been designed to be your personal fitness coach, but it’s unlike anything you have seen before. It is a compact product, which allows you to exercise rapidly and more effectively, without worrying about having big machines at home. The product is so minimalistic that you can just store it under your bed.

What to expect with mGym?

As the name suggests, mGym is like your home personal trainer that offers a resistance between 10lb and 85lb which is great for anyone who wants to work out at home. The design is such that you can focus on all the muscle groups with the level of attention you want. The product weighs less than 20lb which means you can take it anywhere. If you are someone who travels a lot, having mGym can be a great boon, and at home, it can fit in any corner without occupying much space.. Also, it is compatible with smartphones and tablets so you can have complete control on the training process. It is more like having a personal trainer who works according to your fitness goals. Additionally it also displays all the relevant training data. You also have plenty of online workout builder that can give you customized training as per your fitness goals. 

About using mGym

Well, mGym comes with a set of preconfigured exercises and training programs and therefore, anyone who has little knowledge of workouts can get use it quite easily. You also get a whole bunch of advanced features such as shadow training, adjustment of weights between workouts, and automatic strip set. MGym also helps in reducing the time you spend on exercise without losing out on efficiency. No more adding plates or switching between machines at the gym!  mGym is designed to be a concentric trainer so you only feel the resistance when you are pulling the bar. Given that concentric training is a huge rage these days, mGym is your fitness pal for the coming year and more.

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