Liposomal Products Are Changing Drug Delivery on a Cellular Level

Liposomes are used to study a cells membrane in research facilities, to deliver drugs or DNA to patients, and in many cosmetic and nutritional products. There are many liposomal products that make vitro and in vivo research of cellular activity possible available at companies like FormuMax. Companies that create quality liposomes for a variety of in vitro and in vivo research projects are enabling researchers to quickly move the life saving progress forward. 

Liposomes for Vitro/In Vivo Research 

Advances in cellular understanding are being made due to the reliable availability of quality liposomes to scientists across the globe. A better understanding of the cellular absorption of nutrients and medication can not only save lives, it can improve the health of everyone who takes any medicine or supplement. There are many life saving medications available that can be improved further by encasing them in liposomes. The future of medicine lies in improving solubility problems and increasing half-life and bioavailabilty. Liposomes are the key to accomplishing exactly this and so much more. 

Targeted Drug Delivery is Key 

Active ingredients in a pharmaceutical drug are formed into liposome molecules to protect the active ingredient until it is in the GI tract allowing much more of the important ingredient to get to where it needs to work. This can be lifesaving for patients with certain conditions.

Targeted drug delivery can protect patients from toxic drugs that can harm the body as a whole, yet are needed to attack hard to treat tumors and targeted areas. This allows patients to receive a much higher and more potent dose without harsh side effects. There are techniques being researched to further prefect targeted drug delivery using liposomes and communication on a cellular level. 

Although liposomal products have brought forward great changes in pharmaceuticals, there are many improvements and discoveries still to be made. In fact, through improved delivery of medicine, vitamins, beauty products much growth is expected in the field of cellular research due to these liposomal products. There are trials to place “Trojan Horse” Liposomes  (THLs) to transfer genes across the blood brain barrier both in vitro and in vivo. And many trials to improve specific targeting of drugs using lipisomes are still occurring by research facilities and top universities across the globe. 

All these scientific breakthroughs that have been made in the past decade and are still underway are made possible by formulation experts that provide quality liposome products to the researchers who are making daily advances in this field of medicine.