Tips to chose best health checkup packages

We live in an environment full of toxins and the lifestyle we lead questions our health status. With the increase in pollution and change in the atmosphere, there is a steep increase in the number of diseases. Medical professionals advise taking up full-body health checkups for people, especially in the age group of 30 to 80 years. Moreover, we should undergo health checkups at least once a year to keep updated with the status of the vitals of our bodies. But choosing health packages is a pivotal task. We need to understand the needs of our bodies and then decide on them. Besides, seeking a doctor’s advice is also beneficial in choosing a health checkup package.

Significance of Health Checkups

Health Checkups are rewarding to our bodies under several circumstances. Some of the perks of going through a health checkup are mentioned below:

  • Helps Prevent Certain Health Problems

If we choose to take up health checkups regularly then we can prevent the occurrence of many diseases. Routine checkups can help us diagnose the precursors of cholesterol and diabetes. Besides, the presence of several genes associated with hereditary diseases can be found if we undergo health checkups. In such cases, it is not possible to prevent but delay the physical growth of such ailments if diagnosed early.

  • Decreases the Possibility of Growth of Health Problems

We have growth of diseases in our body unknowingly as many disorders do not show up on the body or have any symptoms till it reaches late stages. If we go through health checkups frequently then such diseases can be found early and treated to stop their growth.

  • Lowers Costs Associated with Healthcare

Many diseases can aggravate and be complicated to treat. And the treatment procedures are costly and difficult to afford for most people. Regular checkups of health ensure the absence of disease. Even if found it can be treated cost-effectively in the early stages.

  • Increase you Lifespan

The absence of diseases in our body keeps it fit and healthy. This enhances our lives and increases our lifespan. Further, we can seek preventive advice from doctors post such checkups. This also helps us stay active for longer.

  • Decreases Cost Related to Health insurance

The premium costs of health insurance decrease if we have all our vitals normal. Besides, the data of our regular checkups also help us to get good discounts on the cost of medical insurance.

Tips to Choose a Suitable Health Checkup Package

A regular health checkup should have an inclusion of tests that provide us with reports of organs and vitals of our body. It should incorporate tests for Diabetes, Lipid profile, Uric Acid, Creatinine, CBC ESR, LFT, KFT, Bone profile test, Urine profile, USG, ECG etc. However, for a better understanding of tests, you should consult a doctor and take up tests accordingly. The following are medical tests that should be part of health checkups based on sex and age:

Health Checkup Plan Suitable for Women

Excluding the general tests that are mentioned above, women need to go through specific tests to rule out the possibility of some diseases and disorders. Tests like breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, and Sexually Transmitted Infection tests (STI) are some of the crucial tests take women should undergo regularly.

Health Checkup Plan Suitable for Men

Men also have specific tests that are as important as tests for women to take up every year. Tests like colon cancer screening, obesity indexing, Prostrate Cancer screening, and Hepatitis test are some of the tests that have significance for healthy living in men.

Health Checkup Plan Suitable for Children

Children should also check for diseases that should be detected early to have treatment. Besides, several lifestyle disorders are found among children that should be paid attention to for a better future. Tests for asthma, Obesity and Type 1 diabetes tests help in managing the diseases better with early detection.

Full body health checkups are the key to healthy and sustainable living for every individual. Little bodily discomfort can have major implications on health. We should make health checkups a part of our life to enjoy a stress-free living.