The importance of health insurance for children 

Child health insurance! Something which is gaining interest of parents in the recent times! Usually, we never think of getting a health insurance for our kids. We tend to think, they are small, they will most probably have no health issues. But, sadly fate never makes a choice between adult or child! For fate, both a new-born baby and an elderly person are equal! A child health insurance is not an insurance alone! Instead it is also a valuable investment to secure your child’s health!


A child health insurance will cover all the immunizations the child has to take right from the time you take an insurance for him/her. You can take a health insurance for a child as small as fourteen days old! A child who is less than 19 years will be eligible for a child health insurance. Once your child is covered under the health insurance plan, from then onwards all the immunizations they need to take will be covered by it. Thus, your child’s health insurance is the first step to securing their health! You need not miss any immunization just because it costs more!

Routine Check-Ups

All your child’s routine health check-ups will be covered under this insurance. Those who have little kids will certainly know the number of times they have to visit the hospital with the little ones. Kids catch infections fast, be it from school, the bus stop or even the nearest shop! Hence, they need routine check-ups to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand such infections. The immunity levels of your child can be improved with such check-ups. It will ensure that your kid catches less cold and fever, remains healthy and bright! It also ensures that the kid do not have to lose too much classes due to recurring illnesses.

Emergency Care!

Fate can be cruel! There can be instances where your child needs immediate medical attention with emergency care facilities. In such cases, the child’s health insurance will cover all the hospitalization and medical costs related to it. You will never have to worry that your child won’t get the required medical attention just because you don’t have the money to pay for that in an emergency situation.

Mental Health Benefits

There can be kids with mental health issues. In such cases, the child’s health insurance can help in treatment of the child. Usually such treatment expenses can exceed to a limit that parents will be forced to stop the treatment unable to bear the cost. But, with a child’s health insurance, the insurance pays for all the treatments and you can focus more on your child without worrying about the financial needs.

Hospitalization Costs

In case your child has to be hospitalized due to some illness or accidental injuries, then also the Child Health Insurance lends a helping hand to pay for the hospital bills, cost of medicines and other treatment expenses. You no longer will have to worry about the rising hospital bills and can devote that time too to take care of your kid.

Dental, Hearing and Vision Check-ups and Treatments

Your child’s health insurance also pays for all the dental, vision and hearing treatments. Such issues have to be treated as early as possible to ensure that your child’s future is not hindered by it. The insurance will offer coverage for all such treatments and check-ups.

Autism Treatment Cover

Some kids may be born with autism. In that case, treatments can be too costly for you to bear. Also, the treatments will have to be continued over a long time. It can be an emotionally draining situation for the parents. The increasing cost of treatments can only rub salt to their wounds. But, with a child health insurance, all the treatment costs will be reimbursed by the insurance.

Rehabilitation Therapies

There can be instances where the kid needs rehabilitation therapies. And, in some cases it will have to be continued for a long period of time too. In such cases, the health insurance lends a helping hand and offers coverage for all the therapies needed to bring your child back to normal life.

Health Care At Home

There can be health issues where the child needs to miss school and get treatment at home. Treatments at home can also be expensive. A child health insurance will offer adequate coverage for such treatments and help you by compensating for the expenses related to treatment.

All the above points stress on the importance of health insurance for children. Let us ensure that our kids remain safe and healthy, growing up to be responsible individuals who contribute their bit to the society. Let us ensure they are always wrapped up in the secure blanket of child health insurance cover!