Sports That May Cause Back Pain

Although exercise is a wonderful way to diminish pain and stay strong and fit, it can also result in injuries if you’re not utilizing functional movement or have postural imbalances. Protecting your spinal health when playing sports or doing activities that can cause back pain is essential. Here are the sports that may cause back pain regardless of your age or fitness level, so you can be prepared.

1. Tennis

In tennis, the torso is twisted and stretched to help accelerate the swing of the arms and drive the ball to the opponent’s side of the court. Swinging repeatedly, however, or lunging for a ball that is too far to reach might overextend the spine or cause micro-abrasions along the back and spine. Be sure to protect proper swings and warm up the torso prior playing tennis so you can avoid pulling your back.

2. Running

A long-time perpetrator of back issues, running is guilty of exacerbating everything from shin splits to tense shoulders and core muscles. Because the high impact and repetition, back injuries might feel worse after a run. Further, if you have disc problems, the repeated shock of running could worsen such issues. A common problem that developers in runners is sciatica, a condition that causes shooting pain down the back of the leg. If you start to experience pain when running, be sure to see a health professional for proper care.

3. Golf

Like tennis, golf requires you to twist and rotate the spine repeated. If you’re not using proper form, you can throw your back out. Golfing can also cause tendinitis. Instead of relying on your back to create the swing, learn how to drive through the hips.

4. Gymnastics

Any type of gymnastics or calisthenics can cause back pain. However, in children and young adults who do gymnastics, a frequent condition that develops is spondylolysis, a type of stress fracture in the vertebrae, or spondylolisthesis, where a vertebrae slides over the vertebrae below.

5. Football and Rugby

Contact sports that require tackling, like football and rugby, are the worst kinds of sports for backs. Not only do you chance injuring yourself if you hit the ground a certain way, but the spine is constantly being loaded during tackles and when throwing the ball.

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How To Prevent Back Injuries In Sports

While some injuries cannot be prevent, here are some tips to avoid back pain:

  1. Keep your form. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, form is everything. By maintaining proper technique, you help reduce injuring your body and wearing your ligaments, tendons, and joints the wrong way.
  2. Visit the chiropractor. Any misalignments in the spine will worsen the pain you feel during these kinds of sports. A quick visit to the chiropractor can help relax the muscles around the spine and help with your overall form and posture.
  3. Get the right equipment. Without a decent pair of protective gear, shoes, and other equipment, you are signing yourself up for injury.

Back pain doesn’t have to stop you from moving, but knowing what sports cause back pain and how to avoid it is one step to keeping your spine healthier, longer.