Weight Loss

Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight

The connection between the state of the mind and the body is astounding. Your habits, choices, and overall perspective on losing weight has a direct influence on how much weight you lose. If you truly want to lose weight and learn how to do it the right way, you will lose weight; however, too many people punish themselves with dieting or secretly loathe having to shed pounds, impacting their weight loss. Rather than sabotaging your weight loss, you should learn how your actions influence your ability to reach your weight loss goals.

Here are reasons why you cannot lose weight and how to correct them:

1. You strive for perfection

Striving for 100% perfection in life and diet is just asking for trouble. No one is perfect if they’re human—you included. Most athletes and nutritionists swear by the 80-20 rule, which says that you should focus on making healthy food decisions 80% of the time and giving yourself a treat 20% of the time. For example, if you do well throughout the week and are getting in 5-6 servings of vegetables and fruit a week, you might want to have a chocolate chip cookie on the weekend just because you enjoy the cookie. Some top fitness competitors each nutritionally balanced meals but use full cream in their morning coffee. Others have peanut butter everyday but also walk/run 10 miles every day. Find balance, not perfection, in your life.

2. You refuse to ask for help

Never be afraid to ask a professional for aid. Nutritionists can help you make food choices that are better for you. They can even recommend recipes, supplements, vitamins, and minerals to use. Personal trainers can help you feel less lost in the gym, avoid injury, and learn how to use your time more wisely, so you sit less and move more. In short, it’s perfectly fine to reach out for support. Knowing that you are not alone in your weight loss journey is a cornerstone of success.

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3. You’re relying too much on faulty advice

Eat 2000 calories a day. Eat three square meals. Use pre-portioned frozen meals and diet drinks to cut calories. Try diet pills. There is a lot of bogus advice out there and debunked “wisdom” that will only sabotage your potential. Listen to health coaches and wellness advisers who have been where you are. Listen to your body, and use the calculators online that allow you to find the amount of calories you should be eating. With a little education about how to lose weight, you can change how you eat and live too.

4. You’re aren’t sleeping enough

Some people worry so much that they can’t relax. Most people are working too much and sacrificing their sleep. Here’s the problem with that: sleep is essential for a healthy body weight. Cortisol, the stress hormone, affects how much fat your body stores. Also, sleep deprivation makes it more difficult to feel full. Get 6-8 hours of sleep a night.

5. You don’t have a reason “why”

One of the reasons terms like “bikini body” and “summer body” are now considered a joke is because “getting ready for a bikini body” isn’t a why. You can’t get motivated by visualizing a model in a swimsuit. There’s nothing in it for you, because most people will never look like the models in the magazines. They’re all Photoshopped. In order to lose weight, you need a heartfelt, honest reason why you are doing it. Are you trying to lose weight to move better with the kids or grandchildren? Improve your health? Get a disease in check? Run marathon? When you decide the why, you get a much better source of motivation than just “I need to lose x-amount of weight.”

Success is not option that you can actively choose. By understanding how your actions might be influencing your weight gain or weight loss, you can start to adjust your perspective. Do that, and you will see the weight begin to disappear.