Red Ginseng – An Evolution from a Traditional Medicine to a Modern Global Superfood

In the current decade, a growing number of people are recognizing the benefits of herbal medicines or such products for improving their health conditions with faster effective results, and less or no side effects. The health benefits of ‘Korean Red Ginseng’ transformed the status of ginseng products from a traditional medicine to a modern global superfood.

The History of Ginseng

The origin of ginseng root as an effective remedy can been traced back to the ancient time, almost 1,000 years ago. Previously, it was known as a royal remedy and within the grasp of only, the rich and privileged class. People believed ginseng to be a ‘wonder drug,’ possibly because of its healing benefits.

Red Ginseng Cultivation

You will find red ginseng plantations mainly in the mountain forests of Korea and China as there exists an ideal climate for the cultivation of red ginseng. Conditions that are essential for growing ginseng are:

  1. Shady areas which are not in contact of excessive heat
  2. Moderately moist atmosphere
  3. Hilly areas but at least 400 –1,200 above sea level
  4. Moist soil, but not overly damped, avoid clay or swampy soil
  5. Good soil drainage system


The best time of harvesting ginseng is 7–10 years post-cultivation. But why? Aren’t you eager to know? Red ginseng roots are of the best quality among all other of its types. It contains ginsenoside. It takes a long duration to harvest because the necessary ginsenoside content, which has the required medicinal properties, is only found when the plant reaches its maturity.

Transformation of Ginseng as a Global Superfood

Today, people are more cautious about their health and don’t want to compromise on it at all. They include herbal products, energy drinks, protein shakes etc. in their diet to improve their health condition. The growing demand for herbal, nutritional food products has inspired manufacturers to use ginseng as a key ingredient in nutritional food supplements.

After years of research, they have invented different medicinal formulas for men, women, kids, and senior people, prepared in a way to offer every health benefit Ginseng carries.

Health Benefits of Ginseng

Although the therapeutic effects of Ginseng are have been questioned and denied by health professional as well as scientists, millions of users have reported about its effective benefits.

  1. Boosts Energy and Strength: Ginseng stimulates mental and physical activity. It strengthens your muscle and decreases fatigue, thus energizes yourself. If you’re feeling tired, dizzy, and disoriented, immediately start taking an appropriate ginseng supplement for you. Korean Red Ginseng Tea, a light and flavorful blend, can be a good stimulator to regain you lost energy and strength.
  2. Increases Brain Power: Ginseng dilates blood vessels and thus regularizes blood flow to the brain. The presence of ginsenosides within ginseng aids in revitalizing the body function as a whole. Taking ginseng regularly enhances the cognitive ability in one. Patients who are undergoing Alzheimer’s disease can be benefited by the root extract of ginseng.
  3. Soothes Inflammation: Ginseng can bring a stoppage to inflammations in cases of swelling, arthritis pain, physical injury, diabetic inflammation etc. Moreover, ginseng has the capacity to reduce inflammations that usually occur in cancer patients after chemotherapy sessions.
  4. Helps to Burn Fat: Cells in our body store energy as fat. Ginsenoside lessens the fat storage capacity of these cells. Besides, ginseng increases metabolic function in our body, and in this way burns body fat. Saponins, obtained in the root of ginseng, have anti-obesity effect, which normalizes serum biochemicals and hypothalamic neuropeptides and thus prevents weight gain. You can try Korean ginseng slim supplement for appetite control and metabolism boost.
  5. Improves Sexual Dysfunction: Including powdered Korean red ginseng in diet ameliorates sexual arousal and thus improves the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. Ginseng hits directly the central nervous system, which normalizes hormonal behavior and secretion.

6 Strengthens Immunity System: Roots, leaves, and stems of ginseng are used for preserving immune homeostasis in our body and building resistance to fight off infection and diseases. The inhibitory effects of ginseng are capable to prevent the growth of viruses such as rotavirus, influenza, and HIV.

  1. Contains Anti-Cancer Properties: As ginseng can inhibit tumor growth, it possess strong anticancer properties. It enhances immunity power T cells and NK cells, also reduces oxidative stress, angiogenesis, and apoptosis etc.
  2. Prevents Lung Infection: Ginseng decreases the formation of lung bacteria, also stops cystic fibrosis from creating infection in lungs. Ginseng also plays an important role in clearing bacteria from lungs.


Apart from these ginseng contains many other health benefits such as reducing stress, enhancing skin health, lowering blood sugar levels, normalizing blood circulation, regularizing women menstruation etc. With so many health benefits, ginseng should be a must-have in your diet. After all precaution is better than cure. Taking Korean red ginseng on a regular basis will safeguard you from occurrence of any such diseases.

Come on! No doubt is logical enough to struck your mind about Korean ginseng health diets, as there are millions of users out there. Still if you have any confusion, find out yourself from thousands of user reviews. Health is wealth, so protect your health with ginseng – a modern transformation of old ‘ayurveda’ as a nutritional and medicinal health supplement.