How to use antiseptic the right way

Antiseptic liquid can be used to clean human skin and also the surfaces of your home. We present ways to use it properly.

Germs, dust and grime are everywhere, from inanimate objects to human skin. These must be removed for complete disinfection using an antiseptic.

When to use antiseptic liquid

Consider the following situations where you should use antiseptic liquid:

* On a cut or graze: You might accidentally cut yourself, or scrape yourself against a piece of furniture. Though the injury might be a minor one, you must clean it thoroughly so that germs on the surface may not enter the site of the injury and make it septic. Add the antiseptic liquid to clean water and give the cut or graze a gentle but thorough wash. Let it dry and cover with a pad if necessary.

* To clean the scalp and skin: The scalp can become oily and sweaty in the course of a day, thus attracting germs and dirt. It must be cleaned thoroughly so that it does not affect hair health and cause conditions like dandruff. Meanwhile, the skin in the underarms, feet, crook of the elbows and lower back gets really sweaty as well, since sweat pools there. The skin on the body, including the scalp, must be rid of all the dried up sweat, excess oil, dead skin and other germs. Give yourself a top to toe wash with antiseptic liquid mixed in clean warm water, and follow up with mild shampoo on the head, and an antibacterial soap on the body.

* To disinfect clothes of a sick person: Infectious diseases can strike at any time, and it is important to quarantine a person suffering from flu, cold, swine flu, dengue, malaria, etc. Their clothes and bedding must be treated separately from the rest of the household’s, and must be washed in a separate load in the washing machine. Add antiseptic liquid to the laundry load in its last wash, so that all lurking germs may be killed.

* To clean out surfaces of common use at home: We tend to touch surfaces that others in the house also touch: taps, door handles and knobs, landline phones, computer keyboards, etc. If one pair of unclean or germy hands touches these surfaces, they transfer the germs to the surface and from here, other hands pick them up. Every day, make it a point to give these surfaces a brisk rubdown with antiseptic liquid to kill up to 99% germs and stop their spread.

* To repel pests from the kitchen: The kitchen is the site where most pests thrive. They are attracted to food crumbs and spills, and they can contaminate uncovered food. However, they are repelled by disinfected surfaces. Every night before going to sleep, give the kitchen counter and cooktop a thorough wipe down, and pour some antiseptic liquid down the sink drain to repel cockroaches lurking there.