Antibiotics a multipurpose drug

Buying antibiotics online is something that has increasedstrikingly over the past few years. The love and demand for this drug are surely not misplaced. As we look at its benefits and application the reason becomes all the more clear.  Antibiotics, even though serves a singular functionality, when it comes to its application, the drug is as versatile as it gets. Antibiotics harness the sole purpose of killing bacteria cells. Hence whenever and whatever is contaminated by bacterial infection, antibiotics will prove to be the most effective and appropriate instrument of treatment. When applied on the host body, antibiotics target to single out the bacteria cell and terminate their existence.

The bacteria cells characteristically differ in certain unique ways from the host cell. Antibiotics specifically disable these unique characteristics of the bacteria cell and render them dysfunctional. For e.g. certain bacteria cells build up cell walls to add protection to its inner cell membrane. In such cases antibiotics will resist the bacteria cell from building up these walls and eventually unable to contain the internal cell pressure, the cell membrane will have no option but to fall apart.

Similarly, there are other kinds of antibiotics that target the protein building ribosomes in a bacteria cell. True, most living being cells have ribosomes, but incase of a bacteria cell, the ribosomes are significantly different that makes them a target to the antibiotics. These kinds of antibiotics barge the cell ribosomes from producing any protein, forcing the cell to run out of it and eventually left with no juice to function on.

Finally, the other common type of antibiotics that are popularly in use,efficiently stop the bacteria cell from multiplying. As we know bacteria cells multiply by copying its existing DNA, the antibiotics shake up this very particular process. Resisting the bacteria cell from copying the DNA codes the bacteria cell is unable to synthesise a new DNA strand and hence in the process, fails to multiply.

Apart from the above-mentioned mechanisms, there are other groups of antibiotics that execute effects such as prohibiting RNA synthesis, checking mycolic acid synthesis and barging folic acid synthesis in the bacteria cell. In these fashions, each group of antibiotics target a particular defining mechanism of a certain kindof bacteria cell. Consequently,they help in checking their growth and treating the infection.

The widespread application of antibiotics

Antibiotics are a well-known drug in cases of human treatment, but it is their application beyond a singular species, that makes them so high on demand. A major reason why antibiotics without prescription are much appreciated these days.

Preservation of food: Though this is an application mainly implemented and regulated by the government, nonetheless it is a worthy acclaim for the drug. Antibiotics such as Cholrtetracycline proves particularly beneficial to the process of canned and packaged food. On the other hand, antibiotics like Pimancin is suitable for preserving meat, poultry and fish.

Application in animal feed and veterinary medicine: Antibiotics like enduracidin and tylosin are very popularly used in animal feed. Veterinary medicine sees the application of antibiotics such as salinomycin, theostrepton and hygromycin b.

Benefits in plant infection treatment: Antibiotics like blasticidin, tetranactin and polyoxin are among drugs that have been developed in recent years for flora preservation.

Application in Molecular biology: Antibiotics being able to function at a molecular level, including their impact on the formation of cell walls, protein production of ribosomes, DNA synthesis, RNA synthesis and such, their application in the path of scientific exploration has been integral since their discovery.