How to minimize the consequences of sun exposure on your acne?

You always wear a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun and even use hats and umbrella as much as possible, but you may find it difficult sometimes to control increased acne breakout after sun exposure.

Sun exposure can infuriate acne in number of ways:

  1. If you have acne prone skin and use wrong sunscreens containing ingredients that additionally clog your pores;
  2. If you have sun sensitivity, also known as photosensitivity and your  sebaceous glands skin start secreting excess oils as a protection mechanism against too much UV rays, which leads to the development of acne.

Here are some natural home remedies which will help you deal with the causes of acne due to sun exposure. Let’s get started.

  • Ice – The cooling effect of ice would soothe your skin and prevent the formation of zits.
  • Olive oil – Olive oil is recognized for its antioxidant properties. Further, the presence of vitamin E in it helps in curing your damaged skin.
  • Aloe vera – Aloe vera is one of the popular ingredients in most acne vulgaris treatment. It is known to battle pimple-causing bacteria. It also aid you in unclogging your skin pores.
  • Cucumbers – Cucumber is known for its healing properties. It is also known to decrease the body fat and helps you in controlling the extreme production of oil.

How to avoid Acne Breakout Due to Sun Exposure?

Here are a few tips you have to take care of to make sure that you don’t have acne breakout going forward:

Shade away from harmful rays

Avoid going out in the sun between noon to 4pm. This is when the sunrays are at their harshest. If it is absolutely needed to go out between these hours, then protection from heat is compulsory. Sunscreen, a cap or a large brimmed hat can aid you in dealing with harmful sunlight.

Proactive skin care

Merely washing your face with soap and water will not work. Invest in a good anti-acne facewash and scrub. A scrub is significant as it helps unclog germs. Finish off with a non-alcohol based toner and moisturiser. Buy cosmetics that are water based. Men should use alcohol free aftershave products.

Dress comfortably

Always try to wear natural fibres, such as cotton, that not only absorb sweat but also absorb oil secreted by your skin. Light weight and loosely fitted cotton clothes help air circulate and  minimizes fungal breeding, body odour and acne on your skin.

Eat right

This is the most important point that any doctor or dietician will stress upon. Try to cut down sugary foods and fried snacks. When thirsty drink water, glucose water or fresh fruit juice. Totally avoid fizzy beverages, energy drinks and packaged fruit juices.

If your acne is severe and painful then do consult a medical professional without delay.