How to Help Patients with Complicated and Uncomplicated Sore Throat

Shot of a senior woman blowing her nose with a tissue at home

Most patients find home remedies soothing, such as saltwater gulps, ice cubes, and neck wraps. Many sufferers also pay attention to a sufficient amount of drinking (if medically does not speak against it), especially with fever, and prefer a soft, non-irritating food in the acute phase. They spare themselves a day or two, provide a well-humidified air in the apartment and do not smoke.

The pharmacy offers over-the-counter herbal remedies in the form of teas, gargles, drops, juice and lozenges. Contained active ingredients come from arnica, Icelandic moss, chamomile flowers, Cape Pelargonium, lime blossom, sage leaves, thyme. These can help recovery. There are also lozenges with an anti-inflammatory effect and throat sprays or mouthwashes with locally numbing or pain-relieving effect (pharyngeal therapeutics). So-called immune stimulants with extracts of coneflower (Echinaceaspec.), Tree of life (Thujaorientalis) or staining sleeve (Baptisiaaustralis) are also used in self-medication. Homeopathic remedies are also popular.

In the short term, if necessary, an analgesic such as paracetamol or an anti-inflammatory agent, for example, ibuprofen or another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (short for these drugs) may help. However, you should be advised by the doctor or pharmacist.

In children and adolescents or during special pregnancy precautions should be taken, which should also be consulted.

Medical Therapy for Sore Throat

The need for antibiotic therapy in mild cases with streptococcus angina (see above) often separates the minds. This is offset by disadvantages such as possible side effects and the risk of resistant germs. Resistant means that pathogens could withstand a more threatening infection then the necessary antibiotic.

The doctor will critically weigh the treatment options of the patients seeking advice and explain the advantages and disadvantages. To be thoroughly consulted for medical advice, so in any case, recommended. Otolaryngologists and paediatricians still regard antibiotic therapy in the proven or highly probable streptococcal vagina as quite justified, but not as automatism.

During consulting, the doctor can use the ent headlight to weigh the extent of the sore throat and other related sicknesses.