How Involved Should Families Be When a Loved One Lives in Memory Care Facilities in San Marcos CA

Do you have an elderly in memory care? If yes, how often do you visit them – weekly, once in a month or annually? The more time you spend with your loved one in memory care facilities in San Marcos CA, the better their health condition. Also, staff members will find it easier to tend to the elderly in their care. It is important to strike a crucial balance when it comes to visits and family involvement.

Can Families Get Too Involved?

Visiting your loved one at one of the memory care facilities in San Marcos CA is something worthwhile. If you visit regularly, you will make friends with their staff members. And remember not to interfere with their duties especially during work hours. Don’t take up a large chunk of their time with small talk. If you discover an inherent problem with the staff, don’t criticize them. Instead, ask if they can make slight adjustments and patiently listen to what they have to say. Also, don’t spend too much time at the facility. Your visit should be no more than 1 or 2 hours depending on how often you visit and your purpose for visiting.

Advocacy vs. Entitlement

Family caregivers usually place top priority on the wellbeing of their loved ones. This is an absolute necessity especially for elders who find it hard to perform basic daily activities.  However, there is a point where family members take this responsibility too personal. No doubt, everyone wants their loved one to be adequately cared for. Most families would opt for memory care facilities in San Marcos CA that offer a one-to-one staff to resident ratio. However, it is impossible to get this kind of service in memory care. At first, you may be concerned that the care given to your loved one is not enough. But one thing you should know is that staffs also have other pressing tasks.

Notwithstanding, your loved one will still get the care and attention he or she deserves. This is because memory care facilities in San Marcos CA hire staffs members who are trained and equipped with the right skills to provide quality care for all residents within the facility. If you are looking for one-to-one care, then you should consider hiring a private caregiver.

Use Your Time at the Facility Judiciously

How you use the time while at the facility is more important than the duration of your visit. Some residents’ spouses visit daily to check in on their loved one. Of course, you may think the staff members at the facility will be furious. But in this case, it was quite the opposite. Not only did they assist their loved ones but also volunteered with handling several other tasks for other residents. They can help to push residents in their wheelchairs down to meals and also assist residents when it was craft time.