7 Key Meth Rehab Techniques That Successfully Fight Meth Addiction

Meth or methamphetamine is such a powerful drug that it almost instantly engulfs a person. As easy as it is to become an addict, the recovery from its addiction is as difficult.

Methamphetamine and its effects

Meth use and abuse comes up as an issue of concern. The rising rate of its abuse clearly points out the alarming condition of users. It is said that meth addiction is so dangerous that each time when it hits the system, meth damages some of the key dopamine receptors in brain, thus making users dependent on it. They fail to experience anything without taking meth. A meth addict shows symptoms like:

  • Euphoria
  • Decrease sensation for appetite
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Paranoia
  • Anhedonia
  • Profuse sweating
  • Violent behavior and psychosis etc.

Rehab techniques to battle addiction

Although getting over addiction is difficult it is not entirely impossible. There are a number of meth addiction rehab where this kind of detoxing is done on a regular basis. Although there are no sure shot model but here is a list of 7 key techniques that are sure to help.

  • Starting with Cognitive behavioral techniques:  Commonly known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT this technique is useful in the initial days of addiction. Here the aim is to make addicts realize the harms of meth so that they leave their self-destructive life styles.
  • FMRI Scans: To predict the damages done and the relapse rate of meth abuse, functional MRI is done. Here a blood flow map in brain especially to the cognitive areas is seen and also how the addicts process their senses and cognitive movements in brain are chalked. This helps in predicting the relapse rate.
  • 12-steps and SMART recovering: The success rates for both these procedures are high.  Here generally group meetings, social interactions and mental health are taken care of.
  • Reward management:  This technique uses the method of cash rewards or vouchers to treat methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms and is quiet effective in long run. The initial rewards are low but as you become more and more sober you get more.
  • Rehab stay:  This technique has the highest success rate which ranges about 23-75%. The addict is taken to hospitals or rehab centers and the entire course generally takes about 6-12 months. Here CBT, detoxing, and psychiatric healings are done.
  • Averting the addiction: Here a combination of chemicals and electric shock therapy is used to treat the symptoms of methamphetamine with a success rate of 52%. Orally 1% quinine in mannitol is administered with electric shock to cause irritation.
  • Matrix therapy: This is a holistic approach to treat addiction where the program lasts for around 4 months or so. Here a comprehensive treatment along with psychological healing is also performed.

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Getting over addiction to methamphetamine isn’t an easy thing. But at Spring Hill Recovery Center, we strongly believe that you need not tide over you struggles alone. We offer personalized comprehensive therapy to cure addiction and heal you psychologically.