Few signs that could tell you that it is menopause

Every milestone in our age makes us learn different lessons. By coming to the age of 16 or 17, our hormones start bouncing. We don’t have an idea when our menstrual cycle starts. In the same way, we don’t have the idea when the menstrual starts.

We all have seen that being a woman when our mother enters the stage of menopause she felt irritated and often suffer through mood swings.

How do you come to know that you are stepping to menopause?

This is the first question that comes into your mind. Well, we have the answers to this.

Sign 1 – Is your period coming on regular time??

The first sign to read is missing of periods for more than 12 months. Yes, it’s true because it is a matter of concern. This stage comes in early-to-mid forties of age. The whole game is about hormones. Don’t get manic and deal with it smartly.

Sign 2 – Experiencing the hot flashes

Hot flashes are considered as synonym of menopause. The same signs could also be seen at the time of perimenopause. You can say that it is the official start of your menopause.

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Sign 3 – Are you breaking out seriously?

The change in hormone levels triggers some of the skin problems. Don’t overreact and use the anti-acne products to avoid acne or pimples.

Sign 4 – Suffer from weight change

Weight management is the biggest issue at the time of menopause. Might be possible you get frustrated. Rather than burning the calories, the storage of fat starts in your body.

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