Coda Fitness : The Ultimate Guide For Fitness

This is one of the most effective training in our Bradford gym, Coda Fitness. We will guide you through it.

The aim of the training: Muscle definition, melting body fat.

Form of work: Cellular.

Duration of training: with an introductory part  about 75 minutes.

Break Between Series 45-60 seconds, between exercises  2-3 minutes.

Nutrition: The daily intake of protein is 2 g / kg of body weight. The carbohydrate intake is about 2.5 g / kg of body weight. Daily fluid intake at least 2 liters.

Supplementation: Most recommendations for supplementation are Whey protein after a workout, glutamine, BCAA and L-carnitine, however, as the need for food supplements is individual, I suggest that you consult with specialist about amount and also type of supplementation because specialist is able to customize supplementation program according to your needs and possibilities.

Note: We present three programs that follow each other and constitute a single cycle. Each program runs for two weeks, which means that the cycle lasts for a total of 6 weeks, followed by testing and updating the program. The program is intended for experienced practitioners and is applied after a completed muscle mass training cycle.

Aerobic training: It is used for melting the body fat, and the adaptation of the organism to the aerobic operation, and improving the cardiovascular and respiratory capabilities. Aerobic training is performed at a frequency of 60-75%. Aerobic training is performed our Bradford gym on cardio equipment or outdoors, and it is desirable to use a heart rate monitor or you can use the pulse measurement method in 15 seconds and then multiply by 4 to calculate the pulse.

It is not only important to appear in our gym in bradford , but to get the maximum out of each training. In that case, it is better to do three training sessions, rather than appearing 5-6 times in the gym and torturing and doing semi-training. When you train three times a week, then you have to think about doing more work and getting the most out of each training session.

Body training is most commonly mentioned in the initial training phase (the first month), and later on as a “serious and better” training, training is used by the muscle groups. I think this is the biggest mistake in recreational exercise because in this way you can not get the maximum out of 3 weeks of training. If it is 4 and more weekly training then SPLIT training is a great way to train. But for three training sessions a week, training for the whole body is a much better choice.With training for the entire body in each exercise using predominantly another muscle group and thus can surely achieve greater volume of individual training of classical SPLIT training. If we look at the weekly basis, this way you will do a lot more workout training for the whole body. Full body training with complex exercises to develop maximal and submaximal strength will certainly cause great stress on the body, but 48 hours will be enough for you to recover from training.

More information about this training and exercises you can get from our Bradford gym experts.