The Best Way to Relieve Stress

There are numerous reports suggesting that 75-90% of all medical visits are directly linked to stress. With such a high number, it’s clear that stress is a very real factor in the detriment of countless lives. Unfortunately, many people live with stress and think it’s natural. Stress comes from many areas. Work, family and relationships can all add their own levels of stress. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where your stress level is through the roof, understand that you don’t have to live this way. There are a few indicators that you could be living a life filled with stress. Take a look at some of the signs and learn ways to change the problem.

  1. You dwell on the past.

Everyone makes mistakes. The key is to avoid getting stuck because of them. The way so many get stuck from mistakes is because they do a mental replay. They think about how badly they messed up and replay how things could’ve gone if they didn’t mess up. Not only is it a waste of energy, it keeps a person from living in the present moment. It messes up the present, which is even worse. Instead of dwelling on the past, recognize that it was a mistake. Own it. To make things better, learn from that mistake and do your best to do better in the future. This will help you to move forward in a healthy manner.

  1. You worry about the future.

Worrying about the future is a waste of time and a great way to get really stressed out. The best way to ruin your future is to stress out about it. This is a self-sabotaging act. Instead, it’s good to practice the wonderful art of planning. If you know what you’d like to accomplish, create a plan. After you’ve created a plan, live in the moment and actively work towards knocking those goals out of the park. As you focus on the present, you’ll be able to be more productive, happy and whole.

  1. You’re swayed by your emotions.

Author Ilchi Lee is an amazing guru in the art of meditation, longevity and purpose. If you’re focused on these three factors that Ilchi Lee specializes in, you won’t be able to get swayed by your emotions. Your emotions come and go. Instead of succumbing to them, it’s best to recognize them. Always acknowledge the feeling. Understand why it’s there and where it’s coming from. At the same time, it’s important to remember that emotions and feelings will always pass. It’s not uncommon to feel a myriad of over ten emotions in one day. However, you have to maintain control. Operate in spite of your feelings. This is different from ignoring them. Once you recognize them, you have to keep going. The reason is that you don’t want your feelings to stifle your purpose. When they do, the stress will mount up even more.

  1. You live in a perpetual state of annoyance.

If you are moody and find yourself snapping at people for no apparent reason, there are some underlying issues to take care. One of the main issues could be stress. Stress makes many people irritable and upset. In addition to a mindfulness practice, counseling and a shift in lifestyle will help a person get out of that state of perpetual moodiness and anger.