The 3 common truths about Anadrol

Anadrol is a drug primarily made for the treatment of anemia (lack of red blood cells) and diseases that causes muscle wasting and muscle atrophy like myelofibrosis. It helps by increasing weight, strength and maintains muscle integrity. Anadrol is a controlled substance that you can’t easily get in drug stores without a prescription. This is because the drug is prone to abuse and dangerous when taken in high doses. It’s even more ironic that the people that are prone to the side effects of this drug are the people that don’t need to take the drug in the first place (bodybuilders and athletes).

Anadrol has become a very popular bodybuilding and athletic performance drug. If people are talking about this drug, they don’t see it as a medical grade drug, but as a supplement for bodybuilders and athletes. Because this drug is taken wrong most of the time (medically speaking), it doesn’t come as a surprise that authorities tagged this as a controlled substance.

A word of caution when getting Anadrol from a different source: Despite the measures in tagging this drug as “controlled”, the creativity in sourcing this drug elsewhere has been popular. With the help of social media and online websites that sells these drugs, the availability of the drug was no longer that scarce and hard. But, these do have some red flags, like being made by dodgy manufacturers with questionable production practices and safety standards. There is also the question of fakes.

Buying Anadrol in the online market: Let’s get straight to the facts, no doctor even if that doctor is your friend will give you a prescription. So the only way you will be able to obtain this drug, just like where all controlled and illegal drugs are being sold is online or on the black market. As much as Anadrol can easily be available in these channels, one should have a trusted source or a good eye to get the best and safe product out there. People buy fake bags, gadgets, and clothes most of the time, and it’s fine as long as it’s not counterfeit items. But if it’s ingested, and can affect your physical built, that’s another story.

Watch out for fake Anadrol that are being sold: If it’s popular, you know there will be fakes, and this is pretty much true when it comes to drugs as well. Ever wondered why some can sell these types of drugs at a fraction of a cost? or able to obtain one easily and sell it to you? While there is no way to determine at this point if these items are indeed fakes, if it’s too good to be true, then you need to be careful. If you know something or you know someone that knows how to identify fakes from the authentic ones, then you need to utilize that, or for safety, never buy it in the first place.

Because Anadrol is considered as a controlled substance, it’s important that you need to think of other options before taking this drug for performance enhancement and for bodybuilding. Always think twice or thrice, with the risks of side effects and the availability, you need to ask yourself if it’s worth it.