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3 Reasons to use e-counseling – How can it help cure mental illnesses online?

It has been seen that online counseling is soon becoming one of the most famous models which offers support to young people who are suffering from mental health issues. If you’re someone who is aware of a friend or family member who is going through a mental trauma but he doesn’t wish to disclose his problem with an unknown doctor, you could help him with the idea of seeking help of an e-counselor.

Do you know how an e-counselor helps you overcome all your mental health issues without disclosing it to others? Are you aware of the reasons behind choosing one? If no, read on to know the benefits of seeking help of websites like where an online counselor offers assistance.

1: Online help is extremely convenient

These days, it seems that people are too busy in their daily life. In between all the hustle and bustle, if you have to set a doctor’s appointment and wait in his chamber for your turn, this can become a huge task. Hence, setting appointments won’t be an issue with e-counseling as the entire process will be done online. You can just send a mail to the counselor and wait for the person to reply. The entire process of seeking help of an e-counselor can be done through video calling via apps like Skype.

2: Easily accessible to patients

There are many who reside in rural areas where they can’t even imagine getting help of mental health counselors. The thought of taking a long trek to the office of the therapist will make them scare away from a counselor. On the other hand, when you seek help of an e-counselor, you just need to have devices like laptop, computer, tablet or may be a smartphone. There will be no such limitations to talking to a counselor.

3: E-counseling is a more affordable option

If you compare the cost of face-to-face therapy as against online counseling, you will find that the latter is a way more affordable option. As the counselor needn’t pay a dime for utility bills, office rent or even for this cost of commutation, his costs will be much lower. Traditional counseling would cost you around $200 – $400 and e-counseling would cost you around $20 – $40. Hence, you can well understand the big amount of your dollars that you can save in a day.

Therefore, if you’re suffering from any kind of depression of other mental health issues, you just have to get in touch with an expert e-counseling who can take up online sessions to help you overcome the issues and get back to normalcy.